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How to write a resume cover letter?

I am 21 with little work history and a GED, searching for a second part time job I have just finished my resume but I am unsure about the cover letter. I don’t know what it should and shouldn’t include whom should I address it too? If you can give me any samples or advice I would greatly appreciate it.

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  1. Ben V says:

    Look for a website. I good cover letter title would read something like, “The desire to succeed.”

  2. Thutmose I says:

    Good for you! I have an awesome cover letter on my home PC and i will give it to you and all you really need to do is change the name and professional experiencee and it helped me land many jobs. Send me an email and i will help you out..

  3. Stephanie C says:

    I use this cover letter guide whenever I have to write a cover letter:
    There are more resume and cover letter resources that I wrote about on my website – link in the “sources” below. Good luck!

  4. Mitsuki says:

    Your cover letter basically should be a short and sweet letter to sell yourself a bit more to the employer you want to hire you. Depending on the position is how you explain in words why you think you should be right for the job. For example, this is a cover letter I did for a teaching job:

    (the date should be on the right of the page)July 2, 2008

    Dear Sir or Madam(Mr./Ms. their name if you know who to address),

    Recently, I have completed and received my TESOL course certificate. It was a very exciting, hands-on, and motivating TESOL class. Still fresh from the course, I want to keep in practice what I learned to being the most effective English teacher I can be. Also, I am working at finishing my bachelors degree in TESOL in the next few months.

    Personally, studying Japanese for the past 5 years, I understand the struggles students can be going through in learning and new language. I too have lived abroad in Japan for a time.

    I look forward to discussing the position with you soon.

    (your name)

    It didn’t quite come out the way I previewed my answer t you, but remember to indent the top of the paragraph. Look has a lot to do with it.

    Those who hire get easily tired of look at application after application. It should not be any long than this I should say. Same goes with your resume. It has to be easy on the eye and mind.

    If you need help with your resume too, please let me know and I can send you an example of my resume as well.

  5. Jake says:

    This article should answer your question:

    I got that article from Microsoft’s Office Live Students Facebook page. If you check out the Tips/Advice tab on the page ( ) and look under the column titled “Building Your Resume” you will find a bunch of articles on resume doctoring that might also help you with any concerns you have with lack of work experience or whatever. Like this article: .

    I hope this is what you were looking for,

    – Jake

    MSFT Office Live Outreach Team

  6. Cheryl says:

    Most managers flip past the cover letter. They are looking for applicable experience. I would focus on your resume. Even the top resume help site says not to use cover letters.