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How to Liz – 22: How to Write a Resume!

Scott Elam goes over my resume with me. Not only a huge thank you to John Green and all nerdfighters this week-but I couldn’t help notice JG addresses how to write a resume in his last post too, so between the two, you should have everything you need to know about resume writing. don’t forget to use hearts on there though. Employers like that kind of stuff. I’m sure of it.
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25 Responses to “How to Liz – 22: How to Write a Resume!”

  1. katiekawaii says:

    This is so funny, I just watched it for the second time and I laughed as hard as the first. That’s impressive. That’s fuckin’ funny.

  2. notreallyasuperhero says:

    That looks an awful lot like my resume. Glad to know I’m doing it right! Though I haven’t gotten any interviews recently… maybe it’s the crayon I’m using.

    Hilarious, as usual. :D

  3. TheWinterOne says:

    Bahaha oooh that was awesome.

  4. drinkthecoffee says:


  5. Graguigleadhair says:

    If everyone who had masters were masters K-12 would have a lot less spitballs and an increase in servile obedience.
    My friends threaten to take my check out of school every time I say to-get-her under my breath for spelling while texting.
    And to practice your marketable skill of accepting compliments, awesome evaluation of Scott. Definitely a summer.

  6. kibasstalker says:

    DFTBA :D

  7. manguyboydude says:

    dftba :) (and pdbaz if youre a pogobat fan)

  8. weneedharrypotter says:

    DFTBA :D

  9. firnantok says:

    Hilarious! My face hurts from smiling!
    DFTBA :)

  10. hangingwithNadine says:

    lol, that was hilarious.

  11. vlogbrothers says:

    You are Edward James Almost the dumbest person I’ve ever met…. I loled. -John

  12. kim11ammons says:

    You obviously didn’t FTBA this week. A+ video!!! ^_^

  13. lostinthoughts89 says:

    DFTBA =D

  14. drboogerlips says:

    VERY Well done! Post on FunnyorDie for sure.

  15. anthonygath86 says:

    Brilliant! Really though. Massively under-rated.

  16. JoEmily744 says:

    That guy was funny. Does he have a channel too?

  17. TylerxE says:

    So glad Mr. John Green tweeted your vids!! Keep it up!

  18. KittehGoneWild says:

    Love your show! DFTBA!

  19. sineadsmithh says:


  20. sepiasunrise says:


  21. artvandelay13 says:

    Love it. You’re awesome. DFTBA.

  22. nicky397 says:

    Woo nerdfighter!
    Love your videos <3
    DFTBA :D

  23. bilong92 says:


  24. lesliefoundhergrail says:

    This is great. I wish I had skills in markers.

  25. barbie88888888 says:

    I LOVE your show.