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I need help finding a job/career right for me.?

I need help finding a job/career right for me.

I need help finding a job/career right for me. Please help if you can.
I am 19 years old. Female. I live in VA.
I dislike my job now as a file clerk. I attend college full time so I want a flexible part time job. I am pretty picky about when I work. If you can please help me it would be greatly appreciated.

Looking for a new job with these types of qualities:
Weekends nothing before 1pm because I can not wake up early.
Tuesday & Thursday night 5-9.
Friday 1- close.
Saturday 4-close.
Sunday 11-3 or off.
Off Monday, Wednesday, and off every other Sundays.

I like: people, standing or sitting, helping people, animals, computers, typing, clothes, children, making money.

I don’t like: file clerk, fast food, counting money back to people, waking up early, 9-5 jobs, standing up for more than 4hrs at a time with out sitting for a little wile, sitting down for a long time, and making food or drinks.

Any good ideals???
Im not that good with computers i mean i just like typing and such.
I have no ideal what I want to do when I get out of college, right now I am just taking basic class’s untill I can figure it out. :(
I wish I knew

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4 Responses to “I need help finding a job/career right for me.?”

  1. Someone says:

    should get a gov clearance

  2. Etcetera says:

    just take online tests that offer suggestions on possibly careers. they’re super fun and you never know what might be suggested based on your answers

  3. Sarah says:

    Well, I was going to say waitressing, but…

    You could try a computer repair store, or join the Geek Squad if you’re good enough with computers. I would also recommend volunteering at an animal shelter or homeless shelter – maybe you’ll like it enough that they’ll give you a job.

  4. Gerridwynn says:

    Yuor college should have a job locater program on campus. Thats a good start. Checking with a counselor is also a good start. But you should know this. Being a college student your options are limited. With school and studying and such most of your hours are filled as you are obviously already aware.

    And most places dont like hiring students as when you graduate you are most likely leaving for that great new career. So you will probably have to just take what you can get. I had too.

    One of your best bets is finding a job that is in the field you are studying for. Usually no matter what field, companies are looking for people to start out with them and earn as they learn so to speak. And this can benefit you dramatically as most companies today have tuition reimbursment. Yeah you have to sign an agreement to work for the company a few years or the monies have to be repaid, but if you like your career and the company. Then its a win-win for you.

    Consider this and good luck to you no matter what you choose.