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How long should my resume be?

Congratulations on your knowledge in even considering how long a resume ought to be! This question puts you miles ahead of your competition. Most people don’t consider length when it comes to writing a good resume. Along a resume is particular towards the individual and the situation. The best thing to do is review a sample resume, Here are a few things which will help you in determining your personal requirements in terms of resume length.

You may consider a one-page resume if:

You are correct out of school or are just beginning your career (less than 10 years).

You’ve been a loyal employee with just a few jobs.

You’ve had a position (like realtor or mortgage associate) that doesn’t alter much in terms of typical responsibilities.

You’re going for a sales-related job. They prefer a resume to the point with numbers and percentages.

You might want to believe of a two-page resume if:

You’ve had much more than 9-10 years of experience relevant towards the position that you’re seeking.

You are making a career alter and need to explain your profession history which will help you in that effort in addition to explain your successes throughout your profession.

You have had numerous changes in your profession and have decided on a work that you had in the past. This layout generally requires a “Relevant Profession History” and “Professional Profession History” to emphasize the things that is going to be most important to your next employer.

A three-page resume may be a consideration if:

You are going for an executive role – Director, Vice President, President or CEO. Employers searching to fill these kinds of jobs want to know a lot about their candidates.

You are a professor, doctor or scientist that must list all publications and speaking engagements (generally referenced as a CV).

You’ve got a whole lot of technical or engineering abilities and you need to list these abilities to prove your qualifications to do the job.

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