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How do you write a restaurant resume (food server position) and do you need a cover letter?

I have been on the job hunt for a little while now after moving away to go to school. I used to work at a restaurant(as a host, busser and server) and now it seems that on craigslist, almost all restaurants want you to submit your resume online (regardless, i’ve decided that it is probably best to just have a resume ready, as it looks more professional). Does anyone have any good examples of what my resume should look like? I found a few, mainly here-


Both of those look relatively simple. Do I need to attach a cover letter? What exactly does the letter entail?

I hope I can get advice from a restaurant manager or something, because I want to know what you would normally see on a resume and how I can not make a fool out of myself by either under-doing it or overdoing it.

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2 Responses to “How do you write a restaurant resume (food server position) and do you need a cover letter?”

  1. Ed Atun says:

    Under-do it. Restaurants have always been less formal about resumes and cover letters. Even the most expensive restaurants often do all their hiring face-to-face with no paperwork. The boss knows exactly what he is looking for. Skip the cover letter.
    Walk in the door at the places that interest you. Someone will need your skills.

  2. Ryan B says:

    I am a restaurant manager, so you’re in luck. We tend to not care about cover letters, or even resumes for that matter. If you turn in a resume, it may help, but only put jobs that are pertinent to working in a restaurant or dealing with the public. We don’t care if you worked construction, were a garbage man, or were a yoga teacher… has no relevance to the restaurant. We are looking for jobs that were fast paced, require you to be on your feet, and handle stress well.