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How can I write my job experience section , in my Resume , for this data entry job I had ?

this is what I have so far.I worked at New jersey Transit Authority
and i was entering some kind of poll they did about the transit into the computer ,

New Jersey Transit Authoriy , Camden , NJ
Data Entry
•Excellent typing speed which was on average 75-80 wpm
•Achieved proficiency in network installations and upgrade of hardware and software
•Provided technical , floor and phone support

I dn’t know ,i need a job ASAP and I dn’t feel comfortable with this part of my resume !!!. I want the job duties to sound more ” closely related ” to data entry .All this networking and technical thing i wrote , I just exaggerated because i couldn’t find any thing else to write….

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3 Responses to “How can I write my job experience section , in my Resume , for this data entry job I had ?”

  1. Vivita says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with what you wrote, but you might look up sample resumes online for people who have done data entry and just “borrow” from what they have (don’t write it verbatim).

    “Entered responses and information from New Jersey Transit Authority polls into database” – is the best I could come up with, sorry.

  2. h h says: did very well-stretch things out.if you were only the clean up lady,put “responsible for providing a healthy environment etc”
    2.silly to write; “dn’t” -no such abbreviation

  3. Guess Who? says:

    Try this:

    Data Entry:
    Input of network installations for tracking upgrade of hardware and software information

    Take the typing blurb out at the beginning and at the bottom of your resume do this:

    Skills: Type 75+ wpm