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Conducting a Great Engineering Job Search

Engineering graduates and those engineering professionals looking to advance in their field need to seriously consider the way they approach the job hunt before filling out applications. Indeed, many professionals in various industries fail to realize that a job hunt can be a constructive, organized process. Instead, many choose to fill out applications and go on interviews with little consideration for the process. Engineering graduates, who work in a field that is so reliant on attention to detail, need to think of the job hunt as the first test of their skills as an engineer.

The first consideration in the engineering job search is to think about the type of job an engineer wants. Engineering graduates may want to consider working the project position market first before plunging into a permanent position. Graduates certainly have the academic knowledge to succeed in the workplace, but engineering is a field that requires practical experience and knowledge of the industry in order to achieve success. More experienced professionals can look for permanent jobs right away but they need to consider their unique experience and determine which positions and firms they fit best with.

Another consideration in the engineering job hunt is the future of the company applied to. Engineers and engineering support professionals may find a perfect job for their specialty or experience but may find out through trade journals and other sources that the firm is hitting hard times financially. In contrast, a great firm that has expanded recently to do regional or national work may not get the exposure they deserve from engineering professionals due to their low profile. Engineering applicants need to explore the entire industry and determine the best path for them down the road.

A number of other considerations can make for a fruitful and valuable job hunting experience. Financial and benefits considerations are obviously important for graduates in the short term and in the long run, especially for those professionals supporting a family. Engineering professionals also need to consider how amenable a firm is to continuing education, especially for new graduates who want to consider advancing quickly in the industry. Finally, the size of a firm is important for engineering professionals. Some engineers feel better working in a more intimate environment, which is made possible by a specialty firm or small engineering company. Other engineers feel comfortable working in design or engineering teams, which can be found at major engineering firms. All of these considerations are important for a good job hunt.

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