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Need A Graphic Designer Cover Letter?

Graphic designers are used to expressing themselves in a visual manner. Composing a cover letter takes them into uncharted waters. Images and pictures are a part of their daily repertoire. Words and sentences are strange territory. In order to create an outstanding cover letter for graphic design the designer should present themselves as the whole package. A talent for graphic design is important but so are other skills and qualifications.

The cardinal rule of any cover letter is to grab the hiring manager’s attention quickly and hang on tight. Direct your creativity toward the written word. Use a clear and concise format to highlight specific skills and abilities. Use the cover letter as an example of your verbal strengths and as a means to communicate that you are more than just another graphic designer. Find a way to let the hiring manager know that your creativity extends beyond the realm of graphic design. Your portfolio shows the hiring manager what you can do with your talent and education. The cover letter tells the hiring manager the reasons why they should let you get in there and prove that you can do it.

Emphasize your talents and skills in relation to the qualifications of the job. Keep the focus on relevant information. If the job is web-oriented provide details on programs that you are proficient with and experience you have designing for that medium. If it is a position with a magazine or newspaper stress your knowledge of and prior work with layouts. If a company needs an animator focus on your knack for creating unique animations for that particular field. You get the picture.

Graphic design is a creative field. That aspect of the industry leaves you a little more room in developing a unique format for your cover letter. Experiment with your layout within reason. Capture the hiring manager’s attention with an innovative perspective. Keep it reader-friendly and focused on you as an applicant. Indicate exactly what you would bring to the drawing table. Don’t go overboard and let your flair for the visual overshadow the power of the written word but don’t be afraid to step outside of that box just a little. In a creative industry like graphic design, some expression of personal perspective is welcomed and appreciated. A creative designer with exceptional verbal and written skills is an appealing asset to any company. A graphic designer with a personable demeanor is more likely to communicate effectively and understand the needs of the company.

Use the cover letter to hint at your accomplishments. Provide more solid, significant details concerning those accomplishments in the resume itself. Providing important details, but not quite the whole story, keeps the hiring manager reading and looking for more information. Mentioning important clients and successful projects shows the hiring manager that you are capable of producing quality work on time. Providing accurate information and points of contact shows the employer that you are organized and efficient furthering your impression as a reliable potential employee. It also indicates that you have a good work record are not afraid to share it. All of the above adds up to the whole package

Last but not least, make sure that all of your contact information is accurate and up-to-date. Nothing is more frustrating to a hiring manager than trying to contact an applicant without any luck. This is one sure fire way to get your cover letter and resume run through the paper shredder. Proofread your address and phone number several times. It sounds ridiculous but one misplaced number can make the difference in whether or not that phone call gets through. An awesome cover letter won’t do you one bit of good if the hiring manager can’t get in touch with you.

Though it may not seem to be an all- important part of your career search the cover letter serves as your introduction to the potential employer. Introduce yourself in a way that they will remember. Sell yourself first. Then sell your gift for graphic design. Your graphic design cover letter should be a solid addition to your portfolio and an interesting precursor to your resume. It should be convincing enough to gain the hiring manager’s attention and maintain it long enough to spark an interest in seeing your work. Then you can prove that your pictures are worth even more than a thousand words.

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