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Job Camp

As unemployment figures soar, the UK government comes up with a cunning plan to show lazy, useless, benefit scroungers a trick or two. Job Camp is the latest government scheme aimed at the unemployed. A roaring success, this first workshop sees participants heading off to Africa to shine shoes and others offered work in the Icelandic winter wonderland sucking up volcanic ash to clear the air. You can also watch this programme on the online news channel
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2 Responses to “Job Camp”

  1. beancube2010 says:

    This political party is trying to make you furious at the Obama administration. People, don’t be isolated by the system. You have to flood Republicans because unemployment benefit now is stopped by their No votes. Yes, you are mad but it is about the No party politics. You have to join Republicans now and let them know how mad you are about their No politics. Storm them to tell your No politics. Your jobs are shifted by their corporate lobbyists to Asia and China for monopoly and cheap labor.

  2. tohru1x1kyou says:

    Haha. This spoof is hilarious. The jobs on offer are just plain ridiculous ~ cleaning out pool whilst “not breathing”.

    “I love job camp sir, I’m the lucky one sir”. Oh the irony.