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How To Find A Banking Job During A Recession It’s hard enough to find a banking or finance job in good times–what are you supposed to do when banking and finance jobs are scarce? Simon Dixon has great advice for people trying to find a banking and finance ob during a recession. Finding a banking and finance job during a recession Being without a job after college or university is never easy, but it can be extremely stressful during hard economic times. Here are some tips for finding a banking and finance job during a recession. Here are alternatives to graduate schemes and new graduates schemes, whether you want to work at UBS, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, PWC, Deutsche Bank, Citi Group or other Investment Banks, Trading Houses, Broking Houses, Hedge Funds and all other types of Financial Institutions. Simon Dixon began his career as a stock broker before moving into trading, market making, investment banking and eventually owning his own private equity company and multiple businesses in banking and finance. If you are a student or graduate seeking a top paying graduate scheme / internship. finance career or banking job
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