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have to write a cover letter for new job?

but i don’t actually know the position im applying for. i went to an interview already and the guy said to e-mail him a ‘blurb’ or something. what should i say? i think it has to be personal.

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2 Responses to “have to write a cover letter for new job?”

  1. Renee W. says:

    “to whom it may concern,
    my name is [insert name], i am [insert age] years of age and i understand there is a position with your company.
    I have enclosed my CV and hope it will be of interest to you,
    look forward to your reply
    [insert name]”
    works every time ;)

  2. says:

    Well a cover letter usually accompanies your resume and should be to-the-point containing information about what position you’re applying for, why you feel you’re a good match for the position, what your experience will allow you to bring to the new company, and reinstate the fact that you are worth hiring.

    As for the blurb, he probably meant just send him a note or follow-up email. Definitely send him an email thanking him for the interview and explain how you’re even more interested in the position after speaking with him during the interview process.

    Good luck.