I was fired from my previous job and was collecting unemployment.?

I then started a part time job and am still collecting unemployment. I have found a better part time job now. If i quit the first part time one and start the second, can i still collect my unemployment? I live in Vermont.

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3 Responses to “I was fired from my previous job and was collecting unemployment.?”

  1. Randy says:

    Techically you should report your emploment and earnings activity to the state, so they can make the adjustments to your checks your getting. They take off any money you are earning at a job, from the amount you would get from them. Failure to tell them is generally a felony, it’s called Unemployment Fraud. That said, all you are required to do is tell them if you are earning money. It doesn’t say you can’t quit a job and go for a better one, as long as you tell them about the income. (I can’t stress that enough)

  2. tim g says:

    be honest with the unemployment office and they wil adjust wages accordingly. if they find you lied, they make you pay it all back or throw you in jail.

  3. Oldlady says:

    If you could do both part time jobs, then they would probably require you to do both. If they happen at the same time, you don’t have to keep the first.

    As for the unemployment, you have to report the part time income and then the prorate it. You can collect if you earn less than the unemployment, but you still have to actively be looking for a full time job.

    Unemployment is not completely a federal program. States run it and the state rules are different. I’ve collected unemployment in three different states and they all had different rules.