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faxing resume for legal job?

I would like to fax my resume for a clerk/receptionist/legal assistant possition in a law firm. Do I need a cover letter with that? Where can I find some samples? What should I write in the cover letter?

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3 Responses to “faxing resume for legal job?”

  1. Star says:

    Yes, you need a cover letter. There are a lot of great examples online. I have found the source below very useful in the past. There are usually examples on Monster and HotJobs as well.

  2. rhonda s says:

    Yes you should provide a cover letter, here go to this site.
    I am also looking for a job in the legal field too. Good Luck.

  3. hr4me says:

    Yes, you need to include a cover letter with your resume. Visit the web site, templates, downloads. They have free downloadable resumes and cover letters that you can use in Word format.