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Conduct A Successful Job Search

Finding a job can be a real pain in the rear. If you are recently out of work then finding a job that suits your skills in a location that suits you can be as daunting as climbing Kilimanjaro. The main problem is that throughout our lives we are unlikely to have had to apply to thousands of jobs and as a result many of us are inexperienced in conducting a job search. Worse still there is no set formula to finding a new job and as a result there is no simple and straightforward way of finding a job. A jobseeker has to take great strides to seek jobs in a number of different places to ensure that they see everything that is on offer.

This is because there is no central point from which all jobs are posted. The job centre is a very good resource for jobseekers and employers that are looking to fill placements but it has not been able to completely canvass the job search market and as a result agencies now play a massive role in linking people with jobs. There are also traditional methods of finding jobs such as applying online and finding jobs in the newspaper. All of these methods need to be utilised in order to maximise the chances of success in your job search. So where should you start?

Writing a CV is the most fundamental aspect of your jobs search. Sadly it can be an extremely tedious task. It is the document that is designed to inform the potential employer of your skills, qualifications, interests and experience. It is often sent to the people advertising for the job and these people usually scrutinise the CV before deciding whether or not to invite the individual for an interview. For this reason it is vitally important. A well written and engaging CV is likely to get the jobseeker an interview whereas a poorly written CV that does not present a good image of the potential employee is likely to damage the chances of getting an interview and ultimately a job. Bearing in mind the importance of writing a good CV it is well worth the effort of setting aside a day to write it.

The best way to do this is to find a CV online that you like and use it as a template. Replace the information on the CV with your personal details and take time to write a personal statement that emphasises your positive points to the employer.

Once you have written that winning CV you need to send it off to as many jobs as you possibly can. Try not to be too picky at this early stage just apply to as many jobs as you can that relate to your area of skill or interest. What you will find is that you will learn a great deal more about the job when you go for interview.

In many cases a job that looks uninspiring in the interview can be a great deal more interesting if the work atmosphere is good. If for example you are applying to what looks like a really boring office job but you find that the office is full of people that you think you might get along with then it may turn out to be a good job.

Shaun Parker has been involved in the Jobs industry for many years and is fully aware of the pitfalls you may face when you conduct a job search. He tells all.

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