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An Example Of A Cover Letter

Letters are typically the most widely-used form of communication. These had survived the technological advancement, and are still in existence due to the following reasons:

1.Writing letters do not require the use of special devices, thus making it a cheap form of communication.

Even long distance communication is made possible even with limited means. This can be made at home or almost anywhere as long as paper and a writing material such as pen, is available.

2.If the letter is to be used as a promotional or advertising device, it could cover a much wider range of market or consumers since addresses are much easier to determine unlike email addresses which are personalized.

3.For purposes or record-keeping, letters are a much easier form of validating information that can be stored and kept for future reference.

Cover letters on the other hand are used mainly to introduce a certain topic or idea.

This may be done either through the regular form of writing on a piece of paper or encoding the same on an email message following the regular format for letter writing.

The most common use of cover letters is as follow:

1.For sending resumes for a certain job vacancy.

All application forms or resumes that are sent to an employer should have an accompanying cover letter that would introduce the intention of the sender to apply for a specific post.

2.To introduce a certain product or service that the senders wants to convey or offer to the reader.

These are most commonly found on submitted quotations or in expressing the intention to join a particular bidding. An overview of the product or service is discussed to grab the attention of the reader.

The main idea of which is to arouse interest on the part of the reader to consider the proposal submitted by the sender.

There are a wide variety of attention-grabbing cover letters. All of which have the intention of directing the reader to consider the attached proposal.

The following should be taken into consideration when drafting a good cover letter for applying for a vacant post:

1.The opening paragraph

This should state or explain your intentions on sending your resume. It would be of great help if one would indicate where he or she had heard of the said job vacancy.

This may likewise include a brief overview about the individual’s background or some personal information such as the degree attained or past posts held.

2.Middle paragraph

This is the part from where the individual states why he or she is interested in the said post. He or she should expound on his or her selling points such as past work experiences that could be of great contribution for the position being applied for.

3.Closing paragraph

The closing part should state the availability of the sender of the letter for an interview or that other needed information by the reader would be readily provided by the sender upon request of the former.

Below is an example of a simple cover letter:

10 May 2006

Real Estate Broker
Goodland Fields Estates
Vancouver, CA 22182

Dear Mr. Lane:

I had been immensely moved with speech that you have delivered at the St. James Auditorium last April 20.

This had enabled me to reflect and realize that I may have a good career as a Real Estate Broker in your good company, given my past experience as a sales agent and my inherent passion for interaction with various types of people. Attached herewith is my resume for your reference.

I am looking forward to being able a part of your good institution’s team. Should you have other questions, I would be in Vancouver next week and would be calling your office to answer any other inquiry. Thank you very much.

(signature of the sender in handwritten form)
Michael Longland


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