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Avoiding Mistakes In Your Resume – 3 Simple, Must-Know Tips To Frame Your Resume!

If one plans heading out of the front door for finding a new job, they would need a good resume to plant that foot in somebody else’s door. It is surprising about the number of mistakes which are made in sending the resume. These would however not be made now with the following tips for better resumes.

Resume Tip #1 – Be neat

Some job seekers drop in resumes with the coffee stains and some wrinkles creating huge mess. If one is looking for jobs, they need to see as though they could handle being employees. If you would never turn in the weekly sales report in sheets of toilet paper then why on earth will you send a resume which is not presentable?

Some standard grade office paper for printing the resume on along with a matching envelope would always make good sense. It would not cost you too much, but would keep the resume from landing up in trash.

Keep the size of the font fairly large, around 12 points is standard and also easy to read. It is not the time for any fancy lettering or the bold type. A person needs to look crisp and clean; not like trying to get the reader to hire you right away, even if you actually are towards that.

Resume Tip #2 – Corrections

A way to get the resume to the nearest bin of trash is by having many spelling and grammatical errors in it. One need not have a degree in the English language for sending in a perfect resume. People should run a spell check program for reading through the sentences quite a few times and ensure that they are not missing any words or are saying things that they do not mean.

A right way of handling this is by reading the resume backwards. It does sound quite odd, but perhaps helps to stop the brain from skipping the words. We need to focus right so as to read text backwards. This would help you to get hold of the errors more quickly.

Besides, another good way of finding mistakes is by reading aloud the text. One may find a quiet or a private area for doing this. You would be amazed about how different the words would sound. It is one of the good classic tips for the resumes taken from various writers as the computer screen would not always translate the content well.

Resume Tip #3 – Sending it to right people

As people send their resumes to companies without any direct person in address, they are as well sending resume to the trash bin of the company. One would need to spend few moments knowing who is the hiring head and this is well worth every effort.

You could just call in to the human resources department for seeing the person in charge of departments which you plan to apply for. Having one name for referring is a good way to leave impressions in people’s mind.

These are few simple tips for the resumes which are nearly guaranteed for getting the resume seen and also read. All you would now have to do would be starting to write it. And that is the easy part.

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