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Resumes and Cover Letters That Have Worked For Military Professionals

Product Description
Military professionals from all branches of the service gain valuable experience while serving their country, but they need resumes and cover letters that translate their skills and background into ‘civilian language.’ Examples abound of how to translate military experience in the more than 100 sample resumes and cover letters shown. Military professionals from all branches of the service will find sample resumes that will help transition to civilian employment, federal employment, or jobs with contractors after they leave active duty military service. See how military skills, terminology, and acronyms get translated so that they present military experience in the most meaningful way.

Some job titles in this book include these: aviation, communications and electronics, engineering, finance and accounting, food service, firefighting and hazardous materials, hazardous waste control, health care and medical, law enforcement, legal assistant, linguist, logistics, maintenance, management, ministry, sales and marketing, supply, television broadcasting, training and development, aircraft maintenance, air traffic control, fuel systems management, inventory management, pilot, computer systems analysis, information systems management, systems design, maritime engineering services, international relations construction management, mechanical engineering, controlling, financial management, operations research, emergency services management, insurance administration, psychologist, quality control, HVAC, nuclear power plant maintenance, vehicle maintenance, and others.

High praise from book reviewers:
“Tailored specifically to those military professionals about to embark upon civilian careers, this manual utilizes suitable examples of resumes and cover letters. The aim is to turn the job search into a successful endeavor and, to that end, basic interviewing skills are covered, as are initial steps toward identifying potential and appropriate employers. The book’s far lengthier second section unfolds in a series of alphabetical listings targeting the fields of aviation to transportation, with subgroups for each and every category of skills. Entering the job market is an arduous task under the best of circumstances. A guide that significantly translates veterans’ experiences into viable repertoires of achievement.” -BOOKLIST
“Military veterans about to move into civilian employment will find this book useful. Part One of the book explains how to plan an effective job campaign, including the negotiation of salary, how a resume and cover letter go together, and how to research prospective employers. The second part of the book consists of many sample resumes and cover letters that helped veterans actually land jobs.” – UNITED STATES NAVAL INSTITUTE
“These excellent new guides don’t just provide the usual coverage on how to write a resume. They provide industry-specific examples, industry-specific tips and cautions, and industry-specific strategies based on real-world resumes. Since many technical types aren’t writers, this comes as a special gift; select a winning format, plug in your background specs, and away you go. It’s that easy–with Real-Resumes in hand.”– THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

Testimonials from people who have successfully used this book:
“Before I found this book, I was exasperated with my job search as a disabled veteran. Translating military experience into civilian terms is something this book does very well. I extend my sincere thanks.” P. Hill
“I want to thank you for helping me land the best job in my life. A lot more benefits and $20,000 more a year than my prior job. Thanks to you, I was able to send a resume that I felt communicated my skills and talents to potential employers.” M. Grady
“The resume I was able to create makes me look as good in print as I feel about myself personally. The Real-Resumes Series helped me make my dreams come true.” Z. Zach

Resumes and Cover Letters That Have Worked For Military Professionals

2 Responses to “Resumes and Cover Letters That Have Worked For Military Professionals”

  1. Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) commends Ms. McKinney for endeavoring to assist transitioning military. As the largest military to civilian placement firm, we have found that the most successful military job seekers who utilize our free services are the ones who construct a resume that clearly translates their military skills into civilian terms. This book and other web sites have good examples of how to do this, and having your resume communicate in this manner will help you obtain an interview. Then, the advantages of your military service (training, education, leadership, reliability) can take over. Being confident in your value to Corporate America, and being able to discuss your military experience in terms that a civilian hiring authority will understand will help any former-military servicemember succeed in winning the job.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Let me tell you something I really thought that the book was much better help

    to write an awsome resume being that I am looking for a job,

    but is not, is just a regular book w/ few samples of resumes and that’s it.

    It doesn’t tell or show you how to write a really impressive resume.

    I am dissapointed w/ this purchase, my money was not well spend.

    If I could return it I will.
    Rating: 1 / 5