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I need to write a job resume and give reference phone numbers, but I never had a job before and I need a job a

I need a job asap, but I don’t have any references and work history. Please any help in doing a work resume, I never done a work resume before. Should I lie???

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  1. Johnny_Dangerously says:

    There are ways to get a job if you have never had one. You can either get a degree which will qualify you for certain work. Or you can get a job in fast food which gives you experience in dealing with the public, shows you are responsible with money and can be relied in to be there. You can also go to temp agencies where they can place you part time in jobs of your choosing and you can gather experience that way.

    If you have no experience or any relevant education for a specific job, you don’t need a resume. a Resume only shows relevant experience and education so if you don’t have either, you don’t need a resume. Just fill out the job application and explain you have no experience.

  2. Cocoa LaRue says:

    Don’t lie.

    Do you have any experiences you can highlight from school? If you are an athlete that shows discipline and dedication. Student council shows leadership and responsibility. Clubs show a range of interests and a desire for further development. A good GPA shows you pick up new things quickly. It’s all in the spin. Any place you are probably applying to doesn’t expect much experience just a track record of being committed and dependable.

    As for references use family friends or people n the community that can vouch for you.

    Good luck!!!

  3. Dom W says:

    Just be honest.
    Some employers — especially food service– would rather have someone with no experience. They wont always be saying “Well at McSuch-and-So we did it this way”

    List your qualifications for the job.
    Volunteer experiences, social and civic organizations like 4-H or Girl Scouts.

    References can be people who have known you for a long time. Did you ever babysit? Do you have a pastor? Youth group leader? Teacher? These are all good references.

    Good luck!

  4. teacherjen2004 says:

    Never lie on your resume, you will be found out.

    If this is your first job that you’re going for, the first thing on your resume should be your education, followed by any relevant experiences, whether they are paid or volunteer. Also include any activities you’ve been involved with, leadership activities, and computer experience.

    For your references, you really just have personal references. I’d ask teachers/professors (you don’t say how old you are and I’m not going to assume) who know about your work ethic, and maybe one other person outside your family who knows you well enough to give a character reference, like your pastor, for example.

    Here are some links to sample resumes when there is no work experience:

    The most important thing to do is to really write a good objective – don’t just put something vague like “To get a job at ____.” For example, on my resume, I don’t have “To get a job as a classroom teacher.” Mine says “Obtainment of a full-time instructional position at the elementary level, where various teaching strategies can be utilized to promote authentic and effective learning for all students.”

    Also make sure your resume is bulleted and you are not using paragraph form, and never use full sentences or the words I, my, or me.

  5. superchuck_a11 says:

    no don;t lie. We actually call those people
    your looking for an entry level job. Say it is at a Fast food place.
    you don;t think your the FIRST 16 Year OLD EVER to apply there do you ???

    you can give OTHER REFERENCES, like your preacher, or a teacher that knows you well.
    You should give the Reference person a heads up that you wish to use them as a Reference FIRST.

    Also. go in like you mean it, no friends, no JIVE. Be Clean, dress the way or similar to the way employees there dress.
    Say if your app ling at the Mall At a shoe store, or at Limited. DRESS APPROPRIATELY. NO PERFUME.
    it is not a fashion show.

    PRACTICE writing or filling out JOB APPLICATIONS. You can fill them out a home too you know.
    Get your info down to an art, memorize it if you can.
    Nothing is more disheartening to ME than to see a person, struggle with basic English, or their HOME PHONE NUMBER, when your asking me To TRUST YOU WITH MONEY.
    Think about that for a minute.
    good luck

  6. Cixelsyd says:

    You can use long term acquaintances, or teachers for references. on my most recent job search I used one of my professors as a reference even though I had professionals references as well. Just make sure you ask your reference before using them.

  7. Melanie R says:

    first of all, never lie on your resume!!! i work at a Career Center and you should see if you have one in your area. they are either called One Stop Career Centers, or Work Force Centers, etc. they are free and there should be a professional Employment Specialist that can help you create a winning resume, even if you’ve never had a job.
    think of things that you have done around the house, odd jobs for your Grand Parents, Baby sitting, Yard work, helping your Teacher in class. those are all things that you can bring to the “table” on your resume. just because you have never had a paid job doesn’t mean that you don’t have skills.
    the Summer time is probably the best time for a young person to get started with employment. think about places that you enjoy going like the movie theatre, the amusement park, and even good old Mc Donald’s are places that you can apply without having a solid work history.
    Microsoft Office has a program that you can use to help you get started creating a resume, just in case you don’t have a One Stop Career Center near you. go in and search for a resume template. you should be able to download a template and fill it in with info. that pertains to you and what you have done.
    and for references, ask your neighbors, teachers or friends.
    good luck and i hope you end up with a great first job!!!

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