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How To Write A Good Cover Letter

We struggle with so many things in life. Writing good cover letters does not have to be one. For most individuals, writing good cover letters was not a subject they had in college or even in high school. This is quite sad because the average person should know the fundamental steps in writing cover letters because these are tools in getting them the job that they want.

When starting in their career, one needs a cover letter to present along with his resume. Cover letters serve as first impressions of the employer. Therefore, there is the need to educate people in composing attention-grabbing cover letters so they won’t be frustrated in their job hunts.

Tip # 1:
The minute you master the basic concepts and principles needed in writing cover letters, you will be able to write one pretty fast. The first rule is quite simple. Your main agenda in writing a cover letter is to let the company give you a job interview. Therefore, you should do what you can go get their attention.

Treat yourself as if you were a product and you have to sell YOU in the very first sentence. Seize the opportunity of bagging that interview. Your cover letter is the first step through the company door. This is the very reason why learning how to write good cover letters is crucial in job searching.

Remember to specifically address the person who is reading the letter. He or she may be the head of the department you are applying for or the head of the Human Resources. Whatever the case, you have to make sure that the name you put is the right person. “Dear Sir/Madam” will get the person hooked in your letter.

Tip #2:
You have to start strong and continue building it up. The opening sentence must already attract the attention of the person reading your letter. By keeping the energy up, you will let him read further.

The second paragraph must explain why you are right for the job. Mention your skills and experiences in relation to the position that you are applying for. It also helps to mention some details about the company. This will give the reader the impression that you conducted your research and that you are really interested in working for and with them.

You can sell yourself further by having a “passion paragraph”. This single paragraph shows what you love to do and the commitment and passion you can offer and provide to your potential employer.

The last paragraph has your contact person. Give your email address or your phone number. This must be clear and direct. Make it easy for the reader to contact you. Now that you have done the essential part, you can end it with a bang.

Tip # 3:
Debaters often use “in a nutshell” to wrap up their argument. You can wrap up your cover letter by writing PS or post-script. This is the last step of the crucial part in job hiring. Here is the summary of what you wrote in the letter. You also have to indicate here the position that you are requesting to be interviewed for.

Now that is how you end a cover letter in the most effective manner. Once you have been able to concretize these ideas and concepts, expect company doors opening for you.

Look at the rewards you get just by learning how to write a good cover letter.

Mario Churchill is a freelance author and has written over 200 articles on various subjects. For more information on how to write a good cover letter checkout his recommended websites.

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