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How do I handle a job on my resume where the company no longer exists?

Several years ago I worked for a small company that was bought by a large company *after* I resigned. This large company is REALLY large, and I don’t think they have any record of my employment from the smaller company. I want to include my employment on my resume for a job I’m trying to get, but I’m concerned that there’s no way for them to verify my employment. Plus, honestly, I don’t recall the exact dates I worked there…so it’s a double whammy. But without this experience on my resume, I don’t have a shot at the jobs I’m apply for. Anybody out there have experience with this sort of thing?

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3 Responses to “How do I handle a job on my resume where the company no longer exists?”

  1. ra63 says:

    Include it, giving as much information as you can.

  2. williamh772 says:

    You should put it on your resume. Otherwise, it looks as if this was a period of unemployment and you could be asked about it during an interview. Then if you try to explain it, the interviewer could doubt your word as well as your whole resume.

    Better to be truthful than sorry.

  3. Harry P says:

    Describe the job exactly as you know it. Using the name of the company as it was when you were employed there. In the last sentence of that paragraph describing that job you should put the sentence “Company A was acquired by Company BIG in XXXX” where XXXX is the year that Company A was bought out by Company BIG.

    This is the only way to handle this because you were never really employed by Company BIG so you cannot say that you were. Do not lie in your resume. Its one of the worst things people do and it is detrimental to their careers.

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