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The Difference Between Creating and Typing Up A Resume

A resume writer has to size up a client’s professional life and career direction in short order. It is not always straightforward. A good resume writer will uncover accomplishments and provide consultation on career goals.

That said, it is difficult for a resume writer to answer the question,”How much do you charge to do a resume? This article will help you to see things from the perspective of a resume writer.

Let’s “listen in” on a call from a job seeker seeking to have his or her resume “typed up.”

Resume Writer: “Good morning, XYZ Resume Service. How may we help you?”

Caller: “Yes, I’d like to know how much you charge to type up a resume.”

Resume Writer: “Our prices start at $225 and go up from there depending on the complexity of the resume.”

Caller: “$225! To type up a one-page resume? Wow, I didn’t realize it was that much!”

Resume Writer: “No, the typing is free.”

Caller: “What do you mean?”

Resume Writer: “Yes, I know that sounds strange. But, please let me explain. It is important for you to understand that a professional resume service is very different from a typing service. The word processing work that goes into the creation of the resume is to materialize the resume. That aspect of the resume development process involves a lot of creativity to produce a very crisp looking, attractive resume that will stand out in a pile of poorly formatted, disorganized resumes. And honestly, that’s the easy part. Before we get to that point, we provide in-depth consultation to ask many gold-mining questions that are specific to what your particular job is about and what your current situation is behind why you need a resume.

For example, are/were you:

* A new graduate?

* Recently laid off?

* Returning to the workforce?

* Seeking to acclimate your career from the military to civilian workforce?

* Bored in your current job and need a change?

“More than just typists, we are qualified to answer many questions that go beyond the resume preparation, such as how to answer tough interview questions or how to post your resume online. If you tell us you are not sure what type of position you are seeking, we will not be able to develop your resume because our resumes are very focused. Like you, we want your resume to WORK! We do not write one-size-fits-all resumes.”

“Our expertise is sure to make a big difference between your getting a job and making your next career move. We take the necessary time to understand what you do and to obtain important information about your work history and accomplishments. Yes, it is not just about your responsibilities. A strong resume needs to focus on your strengths and achievements. Once we have the right information, we organize it and develop a strategy that often results in a format unlike the simple chronological format. When we are done, we engage in the follow up process to review the resume and make necessary revisions. Considering the work that goes into it and the end result (most important), $225 (or more) is an excellent investment for such a service.”

What did you get out of listening in on this conversation? Did you only want to hear the price, or did you find yourself interested in the value behind the price? The answer to this question will measure how seriously you take your career. With the stiff competition out there, your resume is vital. It is your calling card.

Contact a qualified resume writer who will take the time to speak with you about your needs. Sure, money is important. You don’t want to spend it foolishly. But, there is a difference between spending and investing.

So, how much do you think you should pay a resume writer who will partner with you to develop a resume that is going to generate many favorable interviews, prepare you for your interview, and contribute to your increased confidence level?

The next time you call a resume service, try something like this:

“Hi, I was just on your website and am interested in your resume services. I’d like to know what your process is and what you would charge someone like myself with 14 years of experience in capital equipment sales. My background has been in health care, but I’d like to try retail or pharmaceutical sales.”

This is a great way to inform the resume writer where you are in your career and to facilitate a positive conversation from the onset that is not solely based on price.

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