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Job Search Engines ? What are the Best Job Search Engines?


Job Search Engines – What Are The Best Job Search Engines?

Times are definitely tough economically and many of us have either lost our jobs or are in danger of losing them. Looking for new jobs can be a challenge. Local newspapers seem to have smaller and smaller ‘help wanted’ sections and rarely carry listings for opportunities that are beyond your local area. The solution could be job search engines.

What are Job Search Engines/Websites?

Job search websites are massive databases of available job listings which can be searched through by job seekers like you. The jobs can be searched in a wide variety of ways, including by location, job title, company name, experience required, field or industry, and more. You can even combine criteria to help you pin down your search more specifically.

These online search engines are even better because they are usually free to use. Many also provide additional services, such as job advice and resume posting for no additional charge.

The Pros and Cons of Job Search Engines

Job search engines have plenty of advantages. For example, you can search through new listings 24/7. You don’t have to wait for the morning paper to scour the ads. Plus, employers can post new jobs 24/7 so you’re more likely to see fresh opportunities daily instead of in local papers.

Another benefit is the searching capabilities. You don’t have to browse through all of the listings to find the ones that are best suited for you. Plus, most job search engines allow you to customize your search requirements and have daily or weekly job updates sent directly to your email so you’ll always know when an interesting position becomes available. You can also act faster.

Job search engines also make it easy to apply online which saves you time (your application is delivered instantly to the eager employer) and money (you don’t have to print your resume or use a stamp).

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages. Most of the job search engine databases contain tons of legitimate jobs from well-respected companies but you’ll also find quite a few get-rich-quick scams, too.

Another disadvantage is that some job search engines do not keep their listings updated. You’re likely to find postings for many ads that were filled a long time ago. That can be frustrating. However, most of the engines do allow you to organize your search by most recently posted opportunities which improves your chances of finding available work.

Choosing the Best Job Search Websites

Currently, the best job search websites available are and the Yahoo job search, Both of these sites provide all of the advantages above, plus plenty of extra features such as the free resume posting which will increase your odds of landing a great job. Additionally, these are two of the biggest names in the industry so companies that are going to post their job openings online will most likely do so at either one or both of these sites before anywhere else.


Finally, you’re going to find the most search options at these sites and both will email you news about recent postings that meet your specifications. That makes it easier to find a new job even in a competitive market.

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