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How to write an impressive cover letter for an entry level IT job?

Actually what exactly is a cover letter? And what should it contain? And is a cover letter really effective? How can we make full use of a cover letter especially for an IT job? Thanks

PS- What is the better way- to first call the company telephonically or first send the resume & cover letter and then talk telephonically.

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4 Responses to “How to write an impressive cover letter for an entry level IT job?”

  1. confusedbrainchild says:

    A lot of people will tell you to find examples of cover letters, follow a format, be formal, etc. ….. I HATE this approach and so do others… I’ve actually seen job ads before that said “Send us a cover letter (not too dry)” and “In your cover letter, tell us a joke since we get bored around the office”

    My cover letters include a sentence or two of who I am and why I should get that particular job. Followed by a paragraph of my background and what I can do for them.

    I follow that up usually with some kind of unique statement and some contact information. I’ve even included in cover letters before (I’ll call you at 8:45am on Friday to set up a chance for us to talk)

    It really all depends on the job. The goal of the cover letter is to make them read the resume.

  2. aryaanus says:

    Here is a sample…

    Dear Hiring Manager,

    In search of a suitable IT opening within your esteemed organization, I take this liberty to forward my resume for your kind review.

    My educational background and years of experience spans my entire expertise in IT with main areas of interests in Hardware maintenance, Web Designing and installation of all sorts of networking using Windows. What more important is my way of leading the team towards professional excellence, and delivering results of completing projects, meeting tight deadlines and performing under pressure which has been my foundation to achieve in my present assignment and career progression.

    An expression of your interest would be highly appreciated, and I look forward to a chance for elaborating my skills and qualities, which could add value to your organization. Therefore, I would be available for an initial interview at your organization.

    Sincerely ,

    >> First send resume and cover letter.

  3. Vic G says:

    A cover letter is written to say something about you and your job experience and what kind of job you are looking to get into. Do you have a profile at, cos its good also for getting job references from your previous jobs. Obviously you should know that resume or CVs get you job interview but job references get you a job offer. Cover letter can be the least of them all, so dont worry yourself much about it.

  4. Patrick L says:

    I can’t believe that you never had to create a resume during college. If you are asking ANSWERS, how are you going to handle situations at work that won’t allow you to ask others for the solution?

    I’m not trying to be mean but, SERIOUSLY!!!

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