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Where can I find a good template or tips for a resume cover letter?

Had a handbook from my undergrad studies, but I lent it to my mom who’s 3 hours away. I’m applying for some summer internships and need help with the cover letter. Thanks :)

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2 Responses to “Where can I find a good template or tips for a resume cover letter?”

  1. Abel says:

    Your letter must interest the reader to the point where the employer wants to know more about you.

    The basic pattern is to begin with an opening paragraph, which will arouse interest, and follow it with a convincing summary of your qualifications. In the closing paragraph, you request the employer to act on your application by requesting for an interview.
    Peace and every blessing!

  2. Zyzzx says: both have execlent examples.

    One thing to remember is that no one reads resumes. Your best bet is to find the hiring manager and contact them directly.

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