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what is vita or what does it mean in regard to a job application?

This was posted in regard to a job application. It also asked for three letters of recommendation and a cover letter

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4 Responses to “what is vita or what does it mean in regard to a job application?”

  1. Shihfu Mike Evans says:

    probably Curriculum Vitae (CV)…a fancy resume…

  2. drewbear_99 says:

    Your vita is basically your resume. Go to the following wwebsite for an example of how it should appear.

  3. m27jean says:

    Its an academic resume used mostly by professers and administrators listing a bibliography of their publications. It also lists all their academic achievements along with their previous job experience.

  4. Judy says:

    CV (curriculum vitae) is another pair of words for resume. It’s commonly used in Europe and in academic circles in the US.

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