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Tempering Desires: The Cover Letter Sample

It is a big competition out there. People seeking jobs are involved in a stiff competition to catch the attention of hiring officers and prospective employers. Each one wants to get that perfect opportunity of being welcomed to the job of their dreams.

As a consequence, it has become a common obsession among these people to come up with the most unique cover letters for their application. They exhaust all resources out there to be able to get the perfect sample cover letter they can use on the resume. Some buy books dealing on the topic. There are those who hire the services of professionals to get the best output. Some are surprisingly ready to spend hefty amount of money to get what they want.

Do cover letter samples need to be this pricey? Is this really the right way to achieve your dreams?

It seems strange to spend a fortune just to land a job. Truly, most things we need are not really free. However, the cover letter sample need not be expensive. No one wants to have his or her application form be stacked in the recycle bin. Thus, it is a must to stand out. The cover letter sample can provide a template for you to start on the unique project. Still, this should not be made as your sole objective when planning the job application.

Going Beyond the Sample Cover Letter Fixation

At this point, it is very crucial to go beyond the fixations that you have developed towards the grabbing the best sample cover letter sample. The cover letter format can give a good feel and a nice layout to your application. However, the ultimate factors to be considered by the prospective employers are the skills and qualifications of the applicant for the job. Thus, it is better to learn how to highlight these essential points rather than exhaust your energy in seeking the sample cover letter.

Helpful Tips to Come Up with the Better Sample Cover Letter

Provide a headline to your cover letter. This should be a strong statement that will catch the attention of the hiring officer. There are many formula words that have been used in hundreds of sample cover letters like “Enclosed in this letter” or “For your consideration.” Most probably, the hiring officers have already seen them numerous times. Thus, deviating from these formula phrases will help in standing out from the stack.

Do research ahead of time and get to know the person in charge of the application. It helps if you can print the actual name of the officer in your cover letter. This will surely give a good impression.

It is helpful to highlight the important points. Of course, you have to keep in mind that the sample cover letter must be formal. As such, choose the aspects that you want to highlight. You can have the name of the position you are aiming for printed in block letters. For easy reading you can use bullet points to enumerate the skills that are relevant to the position desired.

It pays to also let your personality reflect in your sample cover letter. It will not hurt to show how passionate you feel for the job. This will even make the task of accomplishing the cover letter an easier task for you.


There is no need to join the sample cover letter gold rush. All you need to land that job is your sincere effort and dedication in your application and these handy tips. Nothing else could go wrong.

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