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Resume and Job Tips from studentdotcom

Resume and Job Tips from studentdotcom. We know that you college students, high school students, and teens who look for part-time employment can use help in your jobs search. annspade and halfscottish guy are here to help. edited by mattg124. From For college students, high school students, and teens. … resume job jobs tips employment search studentdotcom annspade halfscottishguy mattg124 stand-up short film students teen
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25 Responses to “Resume and Job Tips from studentdotcom”

  1. XrotarebiL says:

    Ann Spade stars in a short film called “Zombie Kings: The King of the Zombies”.

    Look it up.

  2. lobsidedballs says:

    umm i’m gonna find were you live then crucify you and burn you as i kill your family for saying that you fuck face!!!! i know were you live!!!!!!

  3. geekaleek says:

    she is hot

  4. Zuyx2142 says:

    Stfu shes hott as hell

  5. EddyARB says:

    What a babe!!!!!

  6. sickness951 says:

    man shes hott!

  7. antics55 says:

    the bottom half of that woman’s face looks..odd? like shes just shaved…creepy

  8. SlumberPartyTheater says:

    Fuckin’ hilarious! Good one, fellas!

  9. Honest2theextreme says:

    Shes hot, damn, i want to work under her any day

  10. ecpayne1 says:

    His resume sounds perfectly fine to me! :)

  11. Elreypachuco says:

    That is one pretty lady.

  12. studentdotcom says:

    It was just a joke. I assure you.

  13. brotixi says:


  14. snukos says:

    what’s funny ? what american put this hobby to resume? ohh yeah.. this is sooo coool

  15. FrostedxCookie says:

    lol that was funny

  16. HalfScottishGuy says:

    WOOOO shimmy boobies! haha. =P

  17. TeeQiu says:

    For some reasons, the dude’s voice reminded me of the geico gecko…

  18. inpursuitofcolson1 says:

    what about fat men flashing there boobies?

    lol jk

  19. studentdotcom says:

    I think YouTube has it automatically set up that I’m blocked from posting on any female’s channel due to my bad rep around here. :)

  20. shimmycocopuffsss says:

    I’ll flash you my boobies.

  21. HalfScottishGuy says:

    do i get the job!?!? =P

  22. annspade says:

    Nice show, Rob… erm, Timothy! Great to, um, work with you? LOL! :D

  23. annspade says:

    You know, I don’t know why it says you’re blocked. You’re on my friends list. :(

  24. annspade says:

    Thank you, W00WZER!!! :D


  25. annspade says:

    Hi, Matt!

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