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Building a Tweet Content Strategy for Your Job Search (Twitter)

From, a Job Seeker 2 Business ™ Internet Marketing Services Firm. This video provides tips for a Twitter- Tweet Content strategy for Job Seekers: what to write about, where to get ideas and how often to publish them. Keywords: Job Search, Twitter For Your Job Search, Online Branding
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  1. [...] “Building a Tweet Content Strategy” (this one made me cry a little)   Okay. What the hell is it? The most important thing to understand is this: Content strategy isn’t a bunch of tactics. It’s a plan.   It’s a well-founded plan, fueled by your business objectives and user goals. An achievable plan, created with your current business reality, content assets, and limited resources in mind. A future plan, for what’s going to happen to your content once you send it off into the world. And, most importantly, a profitable plan, where your measures of success ultimately have impact on your organization’s bottom line.   So, folks, let’s try not to gloss over this process as the industry’s latest “shiny new object.” Instead, let’s talk about content strategy as a way of doing business, a way of looking at our content not as a commodity but as a valuable business asset, worthy of our strategic consideration. [...]

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