Do i still qualify for unemployment if I was terminated from my job?

I was terminated from my job of 2 years, due to lack of performance. I am curious if i still qualify to apply for unemployment or not? I live in MD. PLease help!

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8 Responses to “Do i still qualify for unemployment if I was terminated from my job?”

  1. #1 2pac fan says:

    possibly. if you were fired due to your fault, the company could easily fight it…and win. if it was a large corporation, most of the time, they dont try to fight it

  2. bob says:

    normally you would be eligible for unemployment benefit but there might be a probationay period wich will be backdated
    from the time you first initiate claim

  3. Judy says:

    If you are terminated “for cause” you are usually not eligible, but that usually means some kind of deliberate misconduct, not just poor performance. Go ahead and apply – the state unemployment people will ask you for more detail, and also contact the employer for their version, then make a decision.

  4. south of france says:

    That is the purpose of apply, to see if you qualify. Our state is can do it on-line. Or look in the yellow pages under Employment and call the nearest office to see what you need. You may have to register and show your SS card and DL after completing the claim. DO it this weekend our you will lose a weeks pay… Many employers try to intimidate you and make you think you don’t have a chance or even tell you about Un-Employment.

  5. Mel says:

    If you were fired for violating company policy or failing to adhere to performance standards, you’re probably out of luck – sorry. If you can prove that you were discriminated against or harassed, you may have a case – but you’d have to have evidence to support that claim.

  6. rfs says:

    If you lost your job, apply for unemployment. It’s there for you for this time. There is a humongoid pamphlet that the state of MD has for you to download. It says, among other things, that you are eligible if you are out of work through no fault of your own, and are actively looking for work. So it is hard to tell. But you need to apply immediately. If they ask you on the phone, simply say, “I was terminated, through no fault of my own. I am looking for work every day.” You might also call and ask your former employer/HR person what they will say to the unemployment people. In many cases, companies say only neutral things to avoid liability, so you would be eligible.

    So read the pamphlet, apply for unemployment on Monday morning, and look every day for a job you will do well at. Hope they don’t delete your question for posting it in three different categories!

  7. Jayme M says:

    Depends on what they have for documentation and are willing to spend a little time gathering it together.

    I just finished 3 reports to U.E. for claims this week. The last one I sent 20 pages of documentation regarding the ex-employee’s continued inability to do the job right even after retraining.

    I’m told our company has never lost when it comes to unemployment. Like i said, we document everything.

  8. Mary B says:

    No, you only have so many days to file for unemployment, and in 2 years, you should have found a job.