Kinds Of Cover Letter You Should Make An Example Of

First of all, a cover letter is a strategy which is just like what businesses and companies use to sell their products. It is like a tool to sell things, just think of it as a tool to sell yourself to the company you are applying for. Regardless of your educational achievements, companies always look for serious professionals who are willing to work hard for the company.

This is why many people fail in getting the job they want to have. Also, this is why even people who are…


Should You Pay To Have a Resume Written?

This is a question that a lot of people will ask; if it is worth the cost to pay for having your resume written by someone other than you; i.e. a professional. When there are so many free resume formats and resume samples available on the internet for no charge, should you? Well this is a question you can answer taking into consideration the following points:

Cost : The first point to consider is of course the cost of having a resume written.…


How many newspaper clips should I submit with a resume?

I need to know how many writing sample clips/published articles I should submit with my resume for a newspaper. The job is for a specific “beat,” and I have several examples of stories I’ve done that relate. Also, should I just mail them loosely or should I attach them to something or paper clip them together?

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How should i email my cover letter, CV, and work samples for this internship?

this internships requires a cover letter, CV, and work samples… through email

so should i attach the CV and work samples and have the cover letter in the body of the email?

or attach everything and write “please see attachments” in the body of the email?

this is an architectural internship for an US firm in Beijing China


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Should You Lie on Your Resume?

Lying on your resume can be tempting. Perhaps you know, without any doubt, that you have the skills and abilities an employer is looking for. You just don’t have the degree. So, you are considering exaggerating the semester of coursework you took 15 years ago, into a degree. Is lying too strong of a word? Perhaps you are more comfortable saying that you embellished your resume, stretched the truth, or slightly overstated your qualifications. Are those phrases more comfortable for you? After all, doesn’t everyone do a little “polishing”…


Should I call around and ask if there are job openings?

My wife got an awesome job in a different city. I’m a graphic designer for a printing company (with about 5 years of experience), so I compiled a list of all printing/publishing companies in the new city from Yahoo. I’m planning on calling all of them and saying, “Hi, I’m so and so and I’m a graphic designer. I’m moving to the area, and I was wondering if you have a graphic designer position open?” And then send them my resume/samples if they want.

Is this professional/appropriate/a good idea? Any…


What you Should Know When Applying for English Teaching Jobs in Korea?

When we are talking about Korea we mean South Korea which is more developed than North Korea. Because of this fact a lot of people who live in this country need to learn English as their second language. For this purpose they have well established government program which force the citizens to learn English language since they are young.

The demand for English teaching jobs in Korea is very high and this demand is continuously increasing. So, if you take a quick look in search engines about this…


What kind of writing sample should I submit?

I am applying for a job on line and the ad asks for me to send in my cover letter, resume and a writing sample. I have my resume and cover letter, but what kind of writing sample do I submit? The job is for an Administrative Assistant at the Legal Aid Society in NYC. Thanks.

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Why Should You as An Employer be Concerned About Blogs ?



Blogging. It sounds like something that only geeks could love.  Yet, blogging is now being done by geeks and non-techies alike.  This could and should concern you as an employer because blogs have the grave potential to threaten your business as well as your business image and reputation.


     Blogs, which is a common term for Internet Web Logs, are being used commonly and frequently by individuals to post information ranging from news and opinions, gossip and photos about businesses.  Often, blogs have the air and…


How to write a great resume – Step 01 – How and when should you use a resume in your job hunt?

Learn 3 ways you can use your resume to get a new job faster.
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