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If I am applying for financial jobs, what section should I put the stock investing experience in resume?

as well as online business experience, what section should I put them? can I put them with work experiences or somewhere else? I actually don’t have financial experience but Im a finance major. If possible could you please show me some sample resume where stock experience and business ownership experience are included. please give me some proper answers thanks.
how about online business ownership experience?

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Should Public Service Workers Speak English Part 1

The Perspectives Panel discuss communicating with public service workers who don’t speak English and debate whether people should learn English if they are going to live in America.
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No B.S. Questions You Should Ask on Any Interview

Product Description
Every interview ends with a section where you are asked, “So, do you have any questions for us.” Other than asking them about the job (which if you read one of my other books, you know you shouldn’t ask there), wouldn’t you like to have some great questions that will actually tell you about the company and what it is like to work there? Wouldn’t you like to learn their expectations? This brief special report offers many great questions that you can use to create a great impression…


What should I put on resume if I only have this one job experience…any ideas, sample, or format suggestion?

I have had one job for the past 7 years and I recently quit, I am looking for a new job. I am not sure what to put on my resume.

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5 Reasons You Should Learn How to Make a Resume

Reason 1: You Are Going to Spend Lots Of Cash

Unless you learn how to make a resume, it will cost you lots of money for a skill that you really need to know first-hand. With the right reference materials, the essentials of resume writing can be learned in an hour or two. I offer an excellent book on this topic at my website, if I may say so myself. Of course, as you know, you can also visit almost any bookstore to find several other books that will…


Should One Rely on Sample Cover Letters?

In the old days, all people were challenged to write their own cover letters together with their resume. This is because traditionally the means to share information from person to person were not as extensive and advanced as today’s world obviously is. When the Internet came into public use, people have found a means of easily and effectively sharing information to a lot more people than was previously possible.

Among other things, sample cover letters are now abundant in a lot of websites in the Internet. Most of these…


Should You Write A Resume Cover Letter Yourself?

In this day and age competition is fierce for a limited number of desirable positions in the professional world. The only hope that many job seekers have, no matter how qualified they may be for the position, is to create a cover letter that turns up the “wow” factor and impresses hiring managers as something a little above and beyond the others.

If you are wondering whether or not you should write your own resume cover letter the answer is a resounding “yes.” There are many reasons you should…


Words You Should Avoid In Your Resume

We all probably know that the resume formats that we send out are what will make or break the professional relationship that we want to create with a potential employer. Even before you have actually met a person, the sample resume could be the reason that you either do or do not get that all important interview call. There are certain words, phrases and writing styles that you would do well to avoid using in your resume sample:

Don’t use old fashioned, flowery…


what should i do to get a job in electrical engg field. i’m electrical engg with no exp?

i worked in bank as a pho after my engg degree for 3 years. how to prepare resume for entry level electrical engg job for free. anyone can send me a sample template for this. i want to change my career. and s there any certifications to go further in electrical field.
can i do internship. i have 3 years gap after finish my college.

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