What you should know before you searching for a job

Career and job opportunities come and go every day. If you don’t know where to look or who to talk to, you will be lost in the highway of chances that you’re missing out. You may have crafted a very informative resume or curriculum vitae, gauged enough experience with your skills and talents in the field you’re in, and probably have all the time in the world for an interview. Despite this, you can’t land a job because what you lack are resources-here are four ways you should venture…


Workplace Security Should Be A Job Search Priority!

Job hunting? You must consider workplace security these days. It’s just one of the many things a 21st Century job search has to look at–especially since 9/11 The last thing you feel you should have to worry about is on-the-job-violence or any kind of workplace security threat.

Nonetheless, the statistics are disheartening. For many corporations workplace security has become the number one concern.

For example, it was recently reported that at least 30 percent of human resources officers at 100 of the nation’s largest companies reported…


How long should my resume be?

Congratulations on your knowledge in even considering how long a resume ought to be! This question puts you miles ahead of your competition. Most people don’t consider length when it comes to writing a good resume. Along a resume is particular towards the individual and the situation. The best thing to do is review a sample resume, Here are a few things which will help you in determining your personal requirements in terms of resume length.

You may consider a one-page resume if:…


Should I Bring a 30/60/90 Plan on the First Interview?

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Resume Writing – Should We State Our Hobbies And Interests?

There are two types of resumes: chronological and functional. As its name implies, a chronological resume is one that lists your experience and education in order, starting with the most recent jobs or achievements.

This type of resume is sometimes also referred to as reverse chronological resume, because the order of the listing starts with your current employment.

Functional resumes focus on your qualifications, not your career timeline. This style of the resume highlights what skills you have, rather than where and when you acquired…


Should a resume for a teaching position include some graphics/pictures to make it colorful?

I have just graduated and am applying for elementary teaching jobs in Canada. I have seen some bright colorful resumes with pictures as samples? Is this a good idea or should the resume just be text?

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When a prospective employer asks for a “brief, unedited writing sample,” how long should it be?

I’m applying for a job in the non-profit sector and the organization is asking for a cover letter, resume and brief, unedited writing sample. I graduated with a Master’s degree in May 2006. Should I use a sample from one of my papers? Or should I write a brief opinion piece on one of the issues that interests me? Finally, how long should the sample be? Thank you!

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What should you send for a writing sample?

I am applying for publishing jobs and a few of the jobs ask that I send a writing sample or two along with my resume and cover letter. What kind of writing samples do people typically send for this kind of thing? And what should the length be? I don’t want to ask the companies, but I do want to figure this out! Thanks for any help!

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How Should I Write A Cover Letter To Obtain An Interview?

The Resume Cover Letter is a job search tool that highlights your competences by stating your profile, experience and education in a brief, yet concise, letter.The cover letter is your first introduction to the new company.

You could say, it’s your business card and therefore of utmost importance.

Your Resume Cover Letter should interest the recruiter to the degree that s/he wants to look after your resume.

Hi, I have a prompt question for you.

Do you really enjoy the process of writing Resume Cover Letters?

I don’t…


How should I set up my Resume? (PLEASE HELP, URGENT!)?

I need some suggestions for things to put in my resume. I have categories so far, like summary of qualifications, certificates, experience with working etc… but this is my first legal job. every resume ive seen has work experience, with other places they worked. for example, the sample resume i have has walmart, harveys and tim hortons. as i have no experience, what should i do? put it in, dont put it in etc… HELP ME PLEASE! lmao

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