What Schools Should be Teaching


Don’t get me wrong, I believe most public schools are doing a great job. I, for one, loved my high school and everything I learned there. But because the world is changing and always evolving, there should be some new subjects taught in high schools—at least in optional classes. Here are a few topics that schools should consider teaching in order to help the students be ready for the advancements in the outside world. This will help prepare them for jobs and experiences in related fields:

Resumes: This is a problem that many out there have a problem with. They just aren’t totally sure how to present their resume to be the most relevant and effective. If high schools would focus a course on preparing a resume, many students would benefit and put them ahead of others in terms of finding and securing a job. Depending on experience, there are several different ways to write a resume—it just depends on what things you wish to highlight.


Interviews: Preparing for job interviews is another important thing to study—for any age. Because interviews can be so nerve-wracking, it is a good idea to sit them down and help them understand how to act, what to say, and to remember to breathe. Schools can help them understand which type of questions they will be asked. Also, what a person wears is extremely important when interviewing for a job—professional clothes is almost always a plus. Students need to understand that by looking and acting professional and confident can make all the difference when it comes to the interview process.


Career Class: Finding the right career can be confusing for a lot of high school students. Granted, there are some students that know exactly what they want to do for a career. But more often then not, they don’t. This also extends into college—that is why the majority of college students seem to always switch their majors. Having a class available for high school students that studies different career choices can really help heal the confusion that students at that age feel. It would also be incredibly beneficial if the class took several career aptitude tests throughout in order to give the student a better understanding of what possible careers are out there for them personally.


The Internet: Most students will be able to easily navigate the internet—probably better than just a generation or two before them. Because they grew up with it as a constant. It is just another part of life. But there are so many facets to the internet that they could really benefit from fully understanding. Specific topics of study could include online business, internet marketing, building websites, and html and other codes.


These are all skills that every high schooler should be aware of. With this basic knowledge, they will be better equipped to meet the outside world head on, without nervousness or fear.

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