Landing a New Job- 5 Steps you Should Follow Before Submitting your Resume

Everyone knows that a resume is the key to job hunting success.  A resume will let potential employers know that you are interested in their position and inform them of your qualifications.  While a resume can be a powerful tool to help you land your next job, it can also ruin your chances of ever getting an interview.  To ensure that your resume is working for you rather than against you, always follow these 5 steps before submitting your resume to a potential employer.

Proofread.  This simple step is often neglected.  Many feel that if they are careful when creating their resume that proofreading is not necessary.  This is untrue.  Proofreading will help you to catch little errors and missing words in your resume.  It may also help you to find better ways to phrase important information.  Attention to detail is an important quality that many employers desire.  Proofreading your resume will help potential employers to realize that you possess this important trait.
Customize to the position.  Potential employers read many resumes for each position they are filling.  Make your resume stand out by customizing it to the specific position you are applying for.  The objective and cover letter are excellent places to start customizing a resume.
Examine your presentation.  Make sure that your resume is an accurate representation of you.  Never submit a resume that is dirty, wrinkled, greasy, or torn.
Check for accuracy.  It is never a good idea to lie on a resume.  Do not pad your resume with incorrect facts, positions, or references.  While an untrue resume may land you a job, it will be difficult to keep up the lie.  Additionally, your employer can legally terminate you at any time if they find out that you lied on your resume.  Sell yourself, not the person that you think the employer is looking for.
Find out where to submit your completed resume.  While you can drop your resume off at the front desk of a company, it is more effective to ensure that your resume will make it to the right person.  You will receive more interviews and job offers by submitting fewer applications that are effectively submitted than by flooding the market with your resume.  Try to find out who is making the hiring decision and get your resume directly to them.  Some find that it can be effective to mail your resume directly to the hiring manager’s office.  Others prefer dropping the resume off addressed to the hiring manager.  Emailed resumes can also be effective when requested, however unless specifically requested, emailed resumes are often deleted.

See more results in your job search by taking the time to perfect your resume.  Remember that your resume is a reflection of you.  These 5 steps will help you to ensure that your resume is ready to present the best side of you to potential employers.

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