Benefits Of Knowing How To Write Cover Letter

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When you are in a job search it can be one of the most difficult things that you have to do. However, if you know how to write cover letter you can see that your search can be easier than what you thought. The problem is that many job seekers do not know about the benefits that are present by including one of these when they submit their resume to a perspective employer.

One benefit of knowing how to write cover letter and…


Reinventing Your Career: Job Search Expert Joe Turner Transforms Unemployment into Opportunity

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Reinventing Your Career: Job Search Expert Joe Turner Transforms Unemployment into Opportunity

By Bobbi Miller-Moro

You may be one of millions of unemployed, or perhaps you’re experiencing the impact of unemployment in your family. The U.S. has witnessed surges of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, yet we’re still not out of the woods.

The unemployment rate rose from 9.8 to 10.2 percent in October. The largest job losses were in construction, manufacturing, and retail trade. The unemployment rate rose to 10.2%, the highest…


Tips On Searching For Employment

In order to live, we need money. In order to have money, we need jobs. Money makes the world go round. That’s true. But for those who have a hard time looking for employment, here are some tips on how to do so.

1. If you have just been fired from your latest job and received your severance package, don’t go on vacation. Employers look at the time you had your previous job to the one that you are doing now. It shows that you are wise and productive…


Why Writing an Effective Cover Letter Is So Important In Job Hunting?

Some jobseekers often ask what is the best approach to excel in the job hunting .Must I prepare all the cover letter , resume and follow up letter for every job application? Can I skip the cover letter because I feel sending resume is enough and can save time ? The answer is you cannot skip the cover letter writing process in your job hunting.

Now I am going to share with you why writing an effective cover letter is so important in job hunting.

You cover letter being read


Writing a Winning Cv

CV writing was, I thought, an obvious matter – just stick to a few simple rules. My experience as an employer (15 years of running my own business) has clearly indicated otherwise. It is almost painful seeing the way some people throw away the opportunity to get the job they wanted just because they couldn’t be bothered.

Even if you are fresh from school and have little to offer experience-wise, there is always something to write – don’t forget this is a Curriculum Vitae; it records your life and…


The Fastest Way To Write A Customized Cover Letter That Get Job Interview

Most successful jobseekers will spend time to write a customized cover letter for the positions that they are applying for. For them , it is ok to send the same resume to different employers but they never send the same cover letter.

Most of us also prefer to send different customized cover letter and wondered what is the fastest way to write a customized cover letter that get job interviews. Below are some of the possible ways.

Outsource your cover letter writing. There are some group of people or website that…


Career Planning: How To Create A Resume For The First Time

There are many important stages in the career planning process, and each of them has to be taken properly. If you fail in passing one of them, you may fail the rest of your plan. Right now, the peculiarities of resume writing as one of the crucial steps in career planning will be discussed. Essence of resumes A resume is a document that represents a kind of summary of person’s job experience and gained knowledge for necessary employment search. Usually this document turns out to be important for potential employers.


Finding Freelance Writing Jobs

As we have seen in recent years that the woes of recession looming all over global economy, finding a freelance job, especially freelance writing job would be a great way to earn some money. With the increasing popularity of freelancing jobs, the numbers of scammers has also been increased. Hence, it becomes important to keep your head straight to avoid any unwanted scammer to take advantage of your skills without even paying you a penny. Competition is also on higher side. Competition makes things difficult for new writers, as it


Alternative Job Searching . . . How To Kick Butt In 14 Days!

Alternative job searching strategies are critical to your job hunting success.

And at the top of the amazing alternative job searching list is learning to become a “job entrepreneur.” Very simply, it means running your job campaign like your own business. Becoming a job entrepreneur is an exciting innovative “alternative” job searching method and a powerful personal development technique.

There are many aspects to conducting your alternative job searching methods like a becoming a job entrepreneur.

First, it means abandoning any kind of mass…


What do you Include in a Cover Letter?

You can not understate the importance of a cover letter for job seekers in today’s current employment climate. The role of cover letters is to help employers ascertain whether this person is wrong or right for the vacancy, even if their CV illustrates that they have all the necessary skills, a cover letter will give them that age over competitors. As such, cover letters emphasise a brief overview of the applicant’s abilities and skills leading the employer to learn more about the applicant’s vision and how they can be…


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