Career Planning: How To Create A Resume For The First Time

There are many important stages in the career planning process, and each of them has to be taken properly. If you fail in passing one of them, you may fail the rest of your plan. Right now, the peculiarities of resume writing as one of the crucial steps in career planning will be discussed. Essence of resumes A resume is a document that represents a kind of summary of person’s job experience and gained knowledge for necessary employment search. Usually this document turns out to be important for potential employers. Basics about writing a resume Planning a career is impossible without a properly organized resume. As any kind of written work, a resume should correspond to certain requirements: • Correct and not complicated language;

• Clear and meaningful words;

• Proper structure;

• Absence of vulgar language;

• Proper punctuation.

Mind that though it is a pure personal document, it is wrong to use personal pronouns. Everything should look professional. Resume writing process If you want to plan your career properly, it is necessary to succeed in resume writing. It is not very easy to put everything in one resume, introduce your professional goals, and impress employers in the necessary way. This is why it is better to follow a concrete scheme and concrete order:

• Gather information about work experience (employer’s name, position, duties, duration, and gained skills);

• Introduce information about your education (completed education and taken courses that may influence your future job);

• Share your unpaid experience (volunteering activities that demonstrate your skills);

• Consider your career plans (short-term and long-term);

• Mention possible barriers that may influence your goals’ achievement.

Your resume is the first impression that will be made on the employer. Do you want it being boring or full of mistakes? Hardly! This is why you need to take this important step in your career planning very serious and check every single word in this paper. Hope your backgrounds and desire to find an interesting and well-paid job will help you achieve the best results.

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