Reinventing Your Career: Job Search Expert Joe Turner Transforms Unemployment into Opportunity

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Reinventing Your Career: Job Search Expert Joe Turner Transforms Unemployment into Opportunity

By Bobbi Miller-Moro

You may be one of millions of unemployed, or perhaps you’re experiencing the impact of unemployment in your family. The U.S. has witnessed surges of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, yet we’re still not out of the woods.

The unemployment rate rose from 9.8 to 10.2 percent in October. The largest job losses were in construction, manufacturing, and retail trade. The unemployment rate rose to 10.2%, the highest rate since April 1983.

Old methods of job search, job interviewing and resume building have to be updated to reflect our new employment landscape. New strategies and innovative packaging of one’s self to a potential employer are more critical than ever before.

Viewing yourself from the perspective of a potential hiring manager, consider that employers took 2,127 mass layoff actions in October 2009 resulting in the separation of 217,182 workers, each action involving at least 50 jobs per employer. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

These are the hard, cold facts.

Years ago, former recruiter, Joe Turner, had to personally jumpstart his own stalled career by developing and implementing innovative marketing techniques that ultimately launched bestselling books Paycheck 911, JobSearch Secrets Unlocked and the Job Search Guy’s Interview Prep Workbook. Turner draws from 15 years’ experience as a recruiter. He has witnessed both what has and absolutely hasn’t worked over the last decade in the employment arena. His hard earned experience has earned him the moniker, the “Job Search Guy”.

Until this latest deep recession ends, job seekers today will remain unemployed and unsuccessful unless they change their strategies.”

-Joe Turner

Due to his unparalleled success as the ultimate resource for reinventing a successful job search strategy, Turner is redefining how to create and market your selling power to a potential employer. He offers 8 crucial obstacles to overcome to win a job offer. Joe, a Baby Boomer himself, mentors the Baby Boomer generation, a population of 78.2 million workers as of July 1, 2005. Turner and his partner, Sue Swenson, also a Baby Boomer, offer cutting edge strategies to win a job at any age. I reached out to Joe Turner to find out exactly how this all works.

Here is what Joe had to say.

Bobbi: In writing your book Paycheck 911, Don’t Panic…Power Your Job Search, what kind of person do you believe can benefit from reading it?

Joe: Anyone who is currently looking for a job in this confusing, hypercompetitive job market.

Bobbi: What does it take to transition from 15 years as a recruiter to become the source for educating people in finding jobs?

Joe: My talents evolved from 15 years spent as a recruiter who marketed candidates for highly desirable positions, plus counseling of candidates on how to best sell themselves with their resume and in their interviews, to win those jobs.

Bobbi: Who is Joe Turner?

Joe: Joe Turner is not only a former recruiter, but also a one-time failed job seeker who had to jumpstart his own stalled career by developing and implementing innovative, effective marketing techniques to win a new job during a prolonged recession at that time.

Bobbi: What will the future of job search look like ten years from now as a result of your contribution?

Joe: Job hunters will understand that they must be proactive in their search, that is, they cannot depend exclusively on passive job search that solely involves applying for jobs online. They will understand the necessity of being resourceful and creative in their approach to job search including understanding the need to market themselves like a product from the beginning through post job offer.

Bobbi: How is Joe Turner the answer to finding the job someone wants?

Joe: Job search has changed dramatically since the economic collapse of late 2008.

Jobs will be scarce and unemployment will most likely remain high (10%) through 2010. Outdated methods of attracting interest and winning a job

will no longer work. Winning a good job in this economy will take a

combination of skills, resources and marketing strategies that were rarely required until recently. Until this latest deep recession ends, job seekers today will remain unemployed and unsuccessful unless they change their strategies.

Bobbi: What part of the service is it that Job Search Guy is masterful at?

Joe: Building effective resumes that produce phone calls from employers, consulting on how to find the hidden jobs that are not advertised, and consulting on adapting winning interview techniques and strategies.

Bobbi: How does Job Search Guy save me from committing Job Search


Joe: There are 8 major obstacles job seekers face that work against them

to destroy their chances of getting an interview in today’s competitive market. Go to http://JobSearchGuy.com to receive my exclusive Job Search Suicide Report to discover all 8 obstacles and how to overcome them.

Bobbi: When does the customer get to see results after paying for the service?

Joe: The customer will start to benefit from the Job Search Guy’s services as soon as the individual begins to implement them. It obviously takes time for someone to activate the strategies and tactics suggested by the Job Search Guy, but some customers experience powerful results not long after they implement some changes to their overall job search strategy. I have scores of testimonials attesting to this fact.

Bobbi: What inspired you to make such a huge contribution to people over 50 years of age?

Joe: I wanted to give back to this special subset of job hunters in particular because I am a Boomer myself. I understand the added trauma and discrimination that this group experiences. It is my intention to deliver a number of resources and tips that are available to them, especially in this challenging job market.

Bobbi: Where are your services different from your competitors?

Joe: I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk. As a job search consultant and resume writing expert, I offer a whole system of winning strategies that have evolved from my unique perspective as a recruiter, marketer and former job hunter. These separate strengths and skill sets combine synergistically to assist frustrated job hunters to win a job in this tough economy.

Bobbi: What are the secrets to being successful in our career


Joe: Time was when we could work in one career, often in one

company, for most of our lives. Those days are gone. According to a number of government and career resources, the average employee will most likely change careers at least three times during their work lives. It is imperative to update your industry and job skills and to be cognizant of changing conditions that can affect your employment, especially in the areas of new technology and government regulations. It is most important to be highly adaptable in this ever changing job market. Think beyond transferable skills. Think of yourself as a mini profit and loss center. How can you benefit a potential employer regardless of what industry a job might be in? You are more than a job title, transferable skills or a profession. You are a problem solver.

Bobbi: What makes the real difference in finding a job?

Joe: Marketing, marketing, marketing. Don’t sit back and wait for jobs to come to you. Look for new ways to put yourself in front of potential hiring managers or those who are currently in your targeted industry. Also, have an effective answer to their most important question, “What’s in it for me?”

Bobbi: If you were to give one piece of advice to a million

people who were out of work, what would it be?

Joe: Make yourself memorable with a personal brand statement. This is similar to an “elevator pitch”. This one statement, if written well, can get your resume read and generate interest from a potential hiring manager by sparking their desire to want to know more about you.

Bobbi: How easy is it to follow your books?

Joe: I’ve been out of work. I know what it’s like. Therefore, all of my books, including Paycheck 911, Job Search Secrets Unlocked and the Job Search Guy’s Interview Prep Workbook are written in a logical, step-by-step format in easy to understand language that the reader can apply as easily as possible.

Bobbi: What is possible for someone looking for work in these times?

Joe: Understand that your period of unemployment may stretch out much longer than during past periods of unemployment. Develop a multi-tiered approach to your job search including both an online and offline presence. Stay persistent and upbeat and consider every encounter with a stranger as a potential opportunity to network.

Bobbi: Why is your program the solution for those looking for jobs?

Joe: My “program” combines “high tech” with “high touch”. You’ll discover elements from the most successful direct marketing approaches applied to the technology of today.

This includes the advantages of the Internet and social networking sites. While some like to promote the latest search website or Internet tool, remember that job search may incorporate high tech, but the bottom line results come from paying particular attention to the high-touch aspects. You still need to have a conversation with a hiring authority before you win that job.

Bobbi: How will their investment in your product return a long-term profit?

Joe: Buying my books or consulting time alone will not win a job. Applying the techniques and strategies I discuss is what WILL make the difference to produce the payoff of a good job for those who persist and employ the necessary action plan.

Bobbi: How invested are you in the future of people you don’t know?

Joe: My business depends upon my reputation. If my product or services don’t provide measurable improvement in the lives of others, my business will fail, it’s that simple.

Bobbi: How important is a proper resume?

Joe: Your resume is the single most important marketing tool of your job search. Yet today, a resume has to accomplish more in less time. First, it has to get discovered, which is no easy feat considering numerous posted positions attract as many as 8500 resumes. Second, a resume has to get read. Today it’s fortunate if a resume gets 20 seconds of actual eyeball time before the reader makes the yes or no decision. Without an effective resume that gets found and sells you within 20 seconds, your resume will end up like most – passed over or lost in the shuffle.

Bobbi: Why did you choose to make a difference in people’s lives?

Joe: Job search is probably the toughest job you’ll ever have. It sure was for me. I spent 15 years working with candidates to help them win some of the best jobs of their careers. I know how it feels to be a part of that success. I also know the feeling of being out of work with no prospects when the bills need to be paid. That’s a frightening feeling. If I can help even a small percentage of job hunters win a good job, I know that I’ve accomplished something.

Bobbi: What role does your business partner play in the vision of the future?

Joe: My business partner, Sue Swenson, also a former recruiter, will continue to write books and articles with me that emphasize the anticipation of changes to the job market. She will encourage creative and resourceful adaptation and responses to the new job search landscape that reward those who hold a vision for themselves and can rise above the perceived limitations of the marketplace.


Where you can reach Joe Turner:

Official Site: http://www.jobsearchguy.com/

Blog: http://thejobsearchguy.wordpress.com/

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