The Complete Guide To Becoming A Journalist

Journalism courses are becoming quite popular among the masses, the students are more than willing to follow their passion and pursue their dream careers which are completely different from the traditional Commerce, Arts or Science or Diploma and Engineering degrees.

Why Do You Want To Be A Journalist?

You should consider following points prior to joining any college or institute to become a journalist. Sometimes it’s just a fascination of camera, fame and being known all across but with that you need something more of listed below.

  • If you


Writing Magic Cover Letters

Cover letters in a job application are almost as critical as the CV itself. Just sending out a generic CV to job advertisements will not attract employers’ attention. A cover letter is important to give your application a personal touch. Your cover letter gives the employer an idea of who you are, why you are suitable for the job and why they should consider you.  Therefore, your cover letter needs to be job specific. Here are a few tips for writing a magic cover letter:

Put some effort into it


7 Things Not to Do During Your Next Job Interview

Many jobseekers have ruined their chance at finding work by failing in the job interview. Sometimes, they might not even have known what they did wrong to ruin their chances with a potential employer. Here are some tips to make sure that you do not cause yourself to lose out on a job because you did something wrong during the job interview:

Do not show up late – or too early

If you cannot make it on time to a job interview, an employer may wonder about your changes at…


An Introduction to a Job in SEO Analytics

Where are all the good jobs going these days? It seems that if you don’t have some sort of technical degree that you are just out of luck when it comes to finding a job. In fact most of the top paying jobs for people with newly acquired bachelor’s degrees all have something to do with the technical side of things – a lot of them being in the field of engineering.

For many people, college is just a complete waste of time it seems like. Spend four…


How to Ace Your Accounting Job Interview

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth, job interviews can be intimidating. Accounting has always been a highly competitive field to get into, and landing the right job can be difficult. In this society, making that first impression is so unbelievably important, and with so many applicants and job seekers in today’s market, standing out is the key to getting hired. Here are just a few suggestions I have gathered for making the right impression and acing that important accounting job interview.

Get the Right Outlook and Attitude

Before you do…


5 Reasons to Consider the Healthcare Industry for Your Future Career

Given the current unemployment rate, choosing the right profession can mean the difference between a positive or bleak future. With millions of college students graduating yearly, we now see a significant shortage of jobs in numerous industries. Fortunately, there is one field that is always hiring – that of the healthcare industry.

From doctors to nurses, lab technicians to dental hygienists, the world of healthcare is always teeming with special opportunities and benefits to any of its aspiring workers.

If you are on the lookout for the right industry to…


Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better: 4 Jobs Where Women Make More Money Than Men

OK ladies, this one’s for you. Aren’t you sick of all of those men walking around town in their flashy suits, flashy cars, flashy shades, seemingly dripping with money? What makes them think they’re earning enough to have to show it off, and especially talk about it in front of us women?

Generally speaking, women earn 10-30% less than men in most professions.

But there have to be some positions where women earn more than their male counterparts, and we’re here to prove that that’s certainly true. Women are progressively…


Making a Good Interview Impression

Congratulations, you have made the leap from applicant to interviewee. Now that you have made a great impression on paper, how do you ensure that you translate that in person, and secure an offer? The job interview can be one of the more stressful aspects of the job-seeking process, but you can handle it with ease by following these simple guidelines:


  • Anticipate the interview questions and come up with solid, concise answers that are geared toward the company’s needs and the job description
  • Research the company


How to Start a Career in App Development

The application development industry is a really tough one to break into. With so many people getting jobs based on their vast education and experience it leaves a lot of work for aspiring programmers to get on the same level.

There are a few ways in which an aspiring programmer can boost their opportunities and it all starts with education. A University degree is almost a prerequisite if you want a job in this sector. Some people might end up there based on raw talent but an overall rundown of…


Resigning Gracefully From Your Job

Life happens and at some point you may need to leave your current job. Whatever the reason, it is advisable to not burn bridges by resigning in a graceful manner and with connections intact. In this informative and interesting article we look at some ways in resigning from work gracefully whatever the reasons.

1. Resigning

The first step of reassigning is actually communicating that you will be resigning. The best way in which to do this is in a formal resigning letter via email. Be professional, concise and keep it…


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