Unemployment Benefits: You Gotta Fight For Your Right

Unemployment Claim Filing

If you’ve recently been laid off, you may have to fight for your right to collect unemployment benefits from the government. You probably know that if you are fired, you can collect unemployment benefits. Although qualifications can vary from state to state, generally however only people who are laid off from their jobs will qualify for unemployment benefits. But did you know that, even if you are laid off, your employer can challenge your right to receive benefits?

It’s not obvious at first why any business…


Why You Need To Use A Resume Instead Of A Job Application

A resume is needed over the job application is because it is a presentation of who you are. In short, it is an advertisement. You are the product.

It includes achievements instead of just “duties” and provides a lot more room for your information compared to the small section found on a job application form.

A job application includes information that would not be appropriate to list on a resume such as references, reasons for leaving a job, salary information and mailing addresses for each…


Executive Job Search Tips: What To Do When Your Search Isn’t Working

A dragging executive job search isn’t the end of the world, it just means that you may have to light a fire – better yet, a towering inferno – under your own you-know-what. By using your creativity and motivation to change what you’re doing, you’ll greatly improve your executive job search almost instantaneously.

After years as an executive, you may have a healthy list of contacts to connect with as you seek job opportunities. But if your job search has so far led you to brick walls, it may…


Career Planning: Why is It Important for Successful Future?

Your college life is finished and now it is high time to think about future career and job. First of all, it is necessary to start with the career planning that is making some plans for future related to your future job. Career planning is necessary if you want to attain success and avoid some difficulties that you may face in the very beginning of your career path. Determine your career goal that will help you to make career planning faster and easier. 1.This goal will help you to…


The paper resume is dead! Are you being competitive enough?

Excerpt from “Job Interviews – Americas New Prostitution”

After much thought, I decided to write the first chapter about multimedia resumes. The main reason for this is that creating multimedia resumes is what I do. It is my business and it is how I support my family. Throughout this book you will often hear me refer to the paper resume as being dead in this economy and as luck would have it, I have quite a bit of data to support my case. Let’s face it. Right now you…


Common Executive Job Search Mistakes to Avoid

A job search at any professional level has the potential to cause a lot of stress, especially it if seems that it just isn’t working out. However, at the executive level, it can be more difficult because so much more effort is required with each application process.

Any executive who is searching for work wants to minimize the seeking process and quickly get the job. However, if you’re in this position and find that you’re not getting callbacks as much as you’d like, you may be making some mistakes…


Hiring Secret-Become The Top Candidate In Any Job Market

The most well kept hiring secret is something that can be hard to find especially when The global credit crisis and flat-lining domestic economy could make this one of the most challenging times to be looking for a job in recent history. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of unemployed increased by 2.2 million between September 2007 and September 2008, and the September 2008 unemployment rate hit 6.1 percent – the highest level in five years. In the financial services industry alone, hard-hit by the subprime crisis, more…


The Importance of “Keywords” in a Job Search

Job search today revolves mostly around the mysterious use of keywords. Whether you are a candidate looking for a job or a company looking for candidates to fill in a job vacancy, the importance of keywords can not be ignored.

Let’s take the first scenario. You are a job seeker in search of your ideal job. Chances are that you are using the internet to do so. Statistics reveal that nearly 90% of job seekers search for jobs online. Now, there are 2 basic ways of going about this…


Job Search Over A 100K – The Options

If you’re considering doing a job search over a 100K, then you need to think beyond the little green pieces of paper. After all, even if you have all the right qualifications for a 100K job, do you have what it takes? It is not easy maintaining a 100K job, let me tell you. In fact, it is downright hard.

Securing a 100K job too, is much more difficult than it used to be, what with the recession hitting our economy hard.

Moreover, the competition isn’t getting any easier,…


Fill Out That Online Big Box Store Employment Screening Application Correctly

You may of come across this type of interview already in your career of trying to get now what is the most prevalent entry level , student or part time job of many in our working and employment jobs and careers. This is the online interview. The drill is you ask at the customer service desk of your local big box electronics / office equipment / hardware / grocery or other “big box” retail store. Either at the customer service desk itself or on the website itself you are…


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