How to Start Job Search in Canada

Many people hope to find jobs in Canada. For some people it only takes a few days to gain employment, whereas others find months passing before gaining an interview. Although no magic formula exists for finding employment, the following tips will help make your job search more productive.

Define your job objective. You should know what type of job you want and whether or not you have the skills for the job. Also, you must be clear about whether you’re seeking permanent, temporary, full-time, or part-time employment.

Create a professional résumé. Having a résumé with your previous work experience, education, and skills listed on it helps when looking for a job. Employers want to see your job history. Even if you haven’t been paid for doing a job that relates to the position you’re seeking, include it on your résumé.

Network. Asking people about job availabilities in your field helps tremendously. Many people receive job leads based on talking to someone. Contact friends, family members and former colleagues or co-workers and inform them that you’re seeking employment. They may not have a position for you, but they may know someone who is hiring in Alberta, Canada.

Make a list of potential employers. Check company websites to see if they are hiring. Also, you can call a company representative to see whether or not the company has any openings in your field.

Check online and print classifieds. Many companies post their job openings on job search websites. Despite the number of jobs posted online, many companies still place their openings in local newspapers. Searching Alberta newspapers for jobs remains a viable option, but these newspapers shouldn’t be your only job openings source.

Have several professional and personal references available. Ask previous co-workers or supervisors to be a reference for you. Also, ask friends who will speak highly of your character to be on your reference list. Always ask people if they will be your reference before including them on an application or list. They need to know that someone may be contacting them about you.

Freshen up your skills. Learn new skills to be more marketable. As you search for a job in Canada, pay attention to what type of skills employers in your field are seeking. If you don’t have them, make an effort to acquire those skills. While searching for a job, read books or articles on the skills, take classes, or have someone teach you the skills.

Seeking employment is a full-time job. You must be prepared and patient. By persevering and following these tips, you’ll be better prepared while trying to find a job in Canada.

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