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How to Get a Student Internship job in India and importance of Student Internship Programs

A student internships job really helps a Fresh graduate from job hunting after graduation. The job market is really competitive and tough as; so many fresh graduates enter the job market after graduation to begin their careers. Most of the entry level jobs require some experience in some cases only six months or one or two years.

Getting first job is sometimes the hardest part of a career, so having a little extra help never hurts anybody looking to land the job they really want. With an internship job experience under their belt, students will be ready to take on the real world and make an immediate impact on the company they are hired by.

You thinking, if everyone wants experience, how do I get the experience in the first place?

The answer is student internship jobs, you can grab a student internship job you still in college. As a student intern you can get opportunity to work in your chosen field & related to your education. You can easily find student internship jobs in your locality through internet & student internship portals like Iopportune, where they list student internship jobs & also gives you guidance on various student internship programs.

Those internship programs are usually no paid or very low paying, but it gives you the experience you need, some students can accumulate up to one year’s worth of experience or more, depending upon the internship hours and schedule, which is enough to get a good job after graduation.

Here are some tips on how to be successful in your First job as intern:

introduce yourself with a firm handshake
Take initiative and take risk too don’t be scared to do challenging work
Ask Question if you do not understand something
Have a positive attitude
Keep good rapport with colleagues & boss, if they like your work they may refer you in future jobs.

A student internship program offers you some level of introduction to office life & it also prepares you for the challenges in business world. If you are a good learner with & job skills you can get better opportunities than those that are limited to filing, data entry and getting coffee. While as a intern you can also learn a bit about leadership and prepares you for job interviews.

Follow this tried and true advice it can open doors to a Good career after graduation. To learn more about student internships visit

Article is written by Heeren Tanna for a portal for finding Student Internships in India & Abroad, Specializes In finding Student Internship jobs in Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune.

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