Fast Job Resume . comLearn how to write a resume, write a cover letter, and find a job or find a new career-- fast! – Wellness Programs Understand the benefits of Wellness Programs BIO: Randy Philip is a principal consultant at the Washington Insurance Consulting Group. TRANSCRIPT: I’m Randy Philip, Principal Consultant with the Washington Insurance Consulting Group located in Alexandria, Virginia. I and my partners have over 70 years of combined experience working with small employers and medium employers, working employee benefits. Today we’re going to be talking about wellness programs, and are they more than just a perk? What are wellness programs? Wellness programs encompass a number of things—a number of things to engage your employees, a number of things to make the employees feel that the employer is interested in them. Examples of that might be gym memberships, or where some employers might even have gyms inside the organization. A lunchtime workout—where the employer would bring in someone who could do yoga, someone who might do aerobics. Other examples are heart monitors—where an employer might motivate the employee or stimulate the employee by engaging them to wear a heart monitor or wear a pedometer so that their activities can be tracked. Another part of the wellness package is where employers do health screenings. An employer might bring in a nurse or a nurse practitioner to come in to do cholesterol checking, to do high blood pressure checking, to check for diabetes, to do flu shots. What employers realize is that the more they engage their employees and their families and
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