How to Write a Resume – Learn How to Write a Resume That Stands Out

If you’re intimidated at the idea of writing a resume, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Writing a resume can really be difficult if you don’t know what things to include, avoid, and emphasize. Hiring managers and HR professionals receive hundreds to thousands of resumes every day. With this in mind, your immediate objective is to get these people to consider your resume and not throw it right away in the trash can. You can achieve this by handing out a resume that is interesting and smart, and the tips you’ll find in this article on how to write a resume can help you do just that.

While having your resume considered is your primary objective, your ultimate goal remains getting an interview, which might just be for formality’s sake only. Before you hurry to write or type your resume, determine first what you want and what you need to get it – this is first step in. You want that job and your resume should help you get it. State clearly what position you are applying for and remember to enumerate the skills and experiences you have that the position requires. Structuring the content of your resume around what you want can give you a better chance of catching and holding the attention of hiring managers and HR professionals. Don’t be in a hurry to write your resume; otherwise, you might end up with something so general and scattered.

What can help you stand out immediately on how to write a resume is using short sentences rather than the usually lengthy paragraphs. Use bullet points in the body of your resume so that the reader will see the vital information you’ve included right away. Remember that the reader generally only has a few seconds to spare on your resume. It is best if you present the important information in a concise way – brief but hits the spot.

Another tip on how to write a resume is using action words to help your resume stand out. Some people commit the mistake of thinking long, flowery words make for a more impressive resume; on the contrary, this type of writing can become boring, especially when the one who will read it does not have all the time in the world to really dwell on it. What’s more, these days technology makes the job of hiring managers and HR professionals easier through computer scanners that pick up resumes to be reviewed. These computer scanners pick up resumes according to action key words, which are related to the position, chosen by their human counterparts. Try using words such as managed, prepared, presented, developed, monitored, took charge of, and the like so that your resume will have a higher chance of matching the format set.

Of course, the most useful thing you can do for your resume is highlight your strengths and keep a positive tone. Place your strong points where they can be immediately seen. Review the job description and make sure to use the keywords included in the advertisement for the job. Surf the web for more tips on how to write a resume. For a blueprint on how to write a resume visit HowToWriteAResume.ws

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