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A friend of is collecting unemployment and not planning to look for a job.?

A friend that i have known since grade school is collecting unemployment, and no intention of finding another job. she is getting this money for a year and she is planning to work under the table also. while she was working i watched her infant son mon-fri and she is not a good mom at all. she would rather leave her son with anyone and go out and drink than anything else. i dont what i should do if i should anything. any advice?

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5 Responses to “A friend of is collecting unemployment and not planning to look for a job.?”

  1. spawnofazazel says:

    There is really nothing you can do, except maybe to stop babysitting for her.

  2. Brother Otter says:

    Stay out of it.
    First, she’ll have to demonstrate that she’s actively looking for work in order to continue collecting unemployment.
    Second, the benefits don’t go on and on.

    Your “friend” is in for a rude shock.

  3. Jessica says:

    It depends on how far you want to go…you can report her to any number of agencies … child protective services, the labor department (you can’t have an under the table job AND collect unemployment). Think of the child, what would be best for him.
    If you don’t want to go that far you can refuse to babysit. Tell her the reasons why, she obviously has no sense of what is right and good. Maybe since you’ve known her for so long she might take what you say to heart.

  4. hr4me says:

    Stay out of it, you can’t call up U.I. and report someone for not actively searching for work.

    I know it’s frustrating to see this go on, maybe try to talk to her about long term for her life and how she needs to start making more responsible decisions for her life as it now affects her son as well as herself if you are close enough friends that you can speak to her on that level. If not, your only choice is to either stop babysitting for her to go out and run around or grin and bear it if you are worried about the child involved. Not a fun place to be for you.

  5. sunvegas says:

    The child is your friend’s problem not yours.If she gets a baby setter or leave a child home alone is not your problem.You can stop baby setting for her .you won’t stop baby setting b/c you don’t want to lose her as a friend.I think you need to get a life and go meet new people and make new friends.Your friend is not going to school or working to better her life and her child .she’s going out to get drunk and party….now why would want to help someone like her? She probly has no respect for you.