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Should a resume for a teaching position include some graphics/pictures to make it colorful?

I have just graduated and am applying for elementary teaching jobs in Canada. I have seen some bright colorful resumes with pictures as samples? Is this a good idea or should the resume just be text?

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6 Responses to “Should a resume for a teaching position include some graphics/pictures to make it colorful?”

  1. judy says:

    I would suggest you keep the resume professional (business professional).

  2. LJacks says:

    This is a tough question. I would say that you want to definately keep it professional, but if you want to add A BIT of color and graphics it could be done tastefully. I have seen some resumes with colored borderes, or a small color icon that look great! Plus, the extra color can really be an attention getter for a principal. If I were you I would have a few people look at it. Often your professors are ex-principals and would be more than happy to share their opinion. If not, seek out other professionals, or teachers that you may know. Or, create a link on here and take out you personal info. and have people look at it! Good Luck!!!

  3. nicole says:

    No. I did my practicum with a teacher who was on the school’s hiring committee. She said that any resumes with pictures and graphics make it look cutesy and very unprofessional. She said she didn’t even bother to read them.

  4. smithgerry91 says:

    I would also agree and keep things simple, but here’s something I’d also suggest… Try going to a Resume Writing Service Provider to get some help.

    For example, in Seattle there’s a whole bunch of them!
    Best Resume, Harmony Business Services, and Alpha Resumes were just some of the names of businesses I found in the local yellow pages under “Employment Services: Resume Services”.

    You should be able to find something in your local area as well.

    Best of luck!

  5. says:

    You could add a bit of colour as an enhancement – that is becoming a bit more common now that resumes are rarely printed anymore. I don’t use colour very often but I have seen many resumes with coloured section headings or borders. It’s similar to a text enhancement like bold or italics – it can help something stand out, as long as it’s not over-used.

    Images are a little trickier. As a professional resume writer in Canada, I use graphics every once in a while for clients that are in somewhat creative industries, or at least fields that would be receptive to something a bit more imaginative. I know I used a very small graphic in the top corner of a Special Education Assistant resume, and that went over very well. Teaching is a profession that’s kind of in the middle with regards to so-called professionalism. It’s not a stuffy, old-fashioned occupation like, say, accounting, but it’s also not necessarily young and hip.

    If you prefer to take few risks and stay safe, don’t use a graphic. If you’re in a competitive field and haven’t had much luck with your text-only resume, then perhaps spice it up a bit with a small graphic. Just make sure the image doesn’t overpower or distract from your actual qualifications.

    Good luck!

    Michael Howard
    Professional Resume Writer and Author of “Alternative Resumes”

  6. angel.mommie says:

    NO, and there is a great resume example on called teachers resume, its the last example, I have never seen a resume like it before and it is GREAT, you can view it for free and that could give you some idea on how to spice up your resume.