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Example Of A Cover Letter

When writing a cover letter, the heading includes the address and the date. The name of the employer is written underneath, as well as his title/position. Indicate the company name and the address.

The heading usually goes “Dear Mr/Ms (name of the employer)”. It is preceded by the position you desire. Make sure it is short and sweet. Two to three sentences can do.

The second paragraph is the longest. You can break it into two so it won’t look too boring to read. Indicate your accomplishments and skills. Highlight on why you are qualified for the job.

Do not forget to mention evidences to the points you claimed. Cite activities, projects, internships or work experiences.

The final sentence summarizes what has been discussed. End the letter with two to four sentences that are requesting for an interview and thanking the reader for his time and consideration.

But sometimes, the best way to get your point through is by presenting a concrete idea. If you are explaining to a person how to write a cover letter, it is not enough that you tell him what to put in the heading, the body and the final paragraph. It helps that you show him an example of a cover letter.

James Maxwell
Asterix Engineering
4877 Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90210

Dear Mr. Carey:

I recently completed my internship with an engineering group in Southern California. There, I was responsible in managing a small project. I am seizing this opportunity to perform in the similar way with Asterix Engineering. I believe that my experience and my background will aid me in becoming an asset to your business in the short period of time.

I have done mapping assignments, conducted surveys, participated in experiments, founder formations and performed the structural design and analysis of a grocery store. I was responsible in producing the general lay-out for the transportation system. I surveyed the area and produced the traffic analysis after conducting a survey and researching on the rules and regulations of the city. I also wrote a thirty-five page report showing how feasible the building is to the location.

I have excellent mathematical skills and I am quite conscientious when it comes to completing tasks with minimal supervision, as well as meeting deadlines. Given the opportunity to finish an assignment, I have no difficulty in developing a plan that meets each needs of the project.

I am interested in participating in your project after I have read your company brochure. There is also an article in the Engineering Journal about your business’ participation in building a new grocery store in the location. Attached is my address as well as phone number. I will be calling your office after ten days to follow up on the status of my application. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Apple Manson
14999 Hilltop Lane
Montana, CA 99444
(919) 367-xxxx

This is a good example of a cover letter. It has an excellent explanation of the accomplishments. It also shows that the writer researched on the company. It clearly highlights a match of the writer to the company she is applying for.

For a clearer picture on how to write a cover letter that will get a possible employee’s attention, you can seek the help of the internet. There are countless sites offering examples of cover letters that you can use as format.

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