Tips On Searching For Employment

In order to live, we need money. In order to have money, we need jobs. Money makes the world go round. That’s true. But for those who have a hard time looking for employment, here are some tips on how to do so.

1. If you have just been fired from your latest job and received your severance package, don’t go on vacation. Employers look at the time you had your previous job to the one that you are doing now. It shows that you are wise and productive…


Resume & Job Interview Tips : How to Follow Up After a Job Interview

Follow up after a job interview by sending a thank you note, calling after several business days and keeping the conversation brief. Restate your name and the time you interviewed to job the employers memory after a job interview with advice from a professional resume writer and interview skills coach in this free video on job interviews. Expert: Shannon Terry Contact: www.ResumeConfidence.com Bio: Shannon Terry is a resume writer and interview skills coach with more than 14 years of training and teaching experience…


RDG Career Tips – How to Deal with a Bad Boss

www.rdgcareers.com Learn how to handle a difficult and toxic situation at work. Some helpful tips on how to deal with a bad boss at your work. Take control and don;t be a victim! Call RDG Careers at 1-877-860-9675
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How to work a trade show–Career Tips

www.phcconsulting.com Another video by the medical sales recruiter to help you “work a trade show” to improve your job, career, or life. Get hired now using tips and techniques that Peggy describes to put your best foot forward in the interview process. job-search-success-secrets.com
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Get Your Dream Job – Best Resume Writing Tips

Resume is a very efficient tool in your job searching campaign, in which it serves as the salesman to promote your skills and experiences to your potential employer. The main problem and the only question that everyone tends to ask is, how to come up with a perfect resume. What shall you put into your resume to convince the HR manager that adding you in their company will be a wise move? Job searching is actually quite alike with marketing campaign, which your resume act as an advertisement on


Job Search Tips in Recession

These are tough times for job market and the global economic slowdown is eating up thousands of jobs each week leaving many jobless. Some industries like IT, manufacturing, real estate, financial services etc have been specially hit. Companies are cutting jobs and reorganizing their workforce to control costs. Those companies that are not laying off have either frozen new inductions or pay hikes. Hence, there is very less new job creation in most of the industries that goes for both – READ MORE

Tips to getting Writing Jobs

Tips to getting Writing Jobs – It is Bit Easy if Approach is Correct


Real writing jobs are, on the large scale, searched by the individuals to get dignified job at residence. There are many types of real writing jobs that could provide a lot of remuneration, nonetheless; it is required that the individual should be hard working and must have the essential skill to write. For getting the online writing jobs, there are some pre-requisites that are needed to be met by a candidate. It is required…


Tips for effective nursing resume!

Essentiality of a resume

It is very much required to have your resume updated along with all the recent job description and your present job profile. If at all you are applying for any profile in nursing, you will be asked for your updated resume. One can not think of applying for any kind of a job without an updated resume. This is well known to most of the people and it is a very common practice of any professional service industry.

A resume is filled with all your…


Job Search Tips : What Is the Purpose of a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is essentially an invitation for a hiring manager, or some other potential employer, to read the resume underneath. Provide a snapshot of the information contained in a resume with help from a career and job placement specialist in this free video on cover letters. Expert: Matthew Thomas Bio: Matthew Thomas is a career and job placement specialist in the career services department at Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington, NC Filmmaker: Rendered Communications
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Executive Job Search Tips: What To Do When Your Search Isn’t Working

A dragging executive job search isn’t the end of the world, it just means that you may have to light a fire – better yet, a towering inferno – under your own you-know-what. By using your creativity and motivation to change what you’re doing, you’ll greatly improve your executive job search almost instantaneously.

After years as an executive, you may have a healthy list of contacts to connect with as you seek job opportunities. But if your job search has so far led you to brick walls, it may…


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