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Texas Workforce Commission Scandal! (TWC)

Texas law makers created the Texas Payday Law and cant even inforce it because of corrupted lying employers and the corrupted Texas Workforce Commission judges not getting all their facts put together and in order. Maybe even being bribed with $ money $ from the employer because the Texas Workforce Commission bought EVERYTHING the employer said and didnt even take any of my testimony seriously! My testimony was taken very veyr lightly and the corupted employer’s testimony was taken heavily. Steven Jones of the Texas Workforce Commission hearing officer didnt do his job correctly. He needs to be FIRE from his job!!! Texas Payday Law is fake and bogus!
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7 Responses to “Texas Workforce Commission Scandal! (TWC)”

  1. rockedbyscandal says:

    I got your back jamvan2k! Dont use TWC. Take the criminal employer or boss to a court room. Not over the phone. Easy lies are presented over the phone.

  2. jamvan2k says:

    TWC is worthless for employees. Employers win every time, even if you have all of the evidence to support you. All they have to do is provide a witness to say yep I heard this…blah blah blah and you lose. And of course they will lie for their employer because who wants to be fired or let go for not “helping” the company, especially small ones at that?

  3. rockedbyscandal says:

    Ill tell your employer to stop paying you and work for free then.

  4. griffincomm says:

    You needs to get a life

    You do not have a clue.

    BY BY

  5. thevividtruth says:

    Dude are you drunk.? or just really pissed off. Yes Texas unemployment is a joke. Texas has the worst worker right’s illegal aliens running all over the place. Zero enforcement of worker rights. Just like a third would nation. It seems to me that the courts are crooked or something and the people in the unemployment office a paid to deny unemployment benefits to US citizens but hand them out too illegal aliens.

  6. 0111048x says:

    The only thing I can add is that the Texas Workforce Commission was unable to collect wages owed to me by an ex employer. Not for lack of trying, but because they are limited in what they are allowed to do by the powers in Austin.
    If an employer doesn’t want to pay you wages owed, and they follow certain steps, they can get away with it and they don’t even have to file for bankruptcy!

  7. Oilcareercom says:

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