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Current resume style, should a summary of qualifications or a job objective be used to start a update resume?

I am researching sample resumes and I am finding a lot with this summary of qualifications which is something I have never seen or added to a resume and it seems odd because you are including your qualifications in the resume??
I am also seeing both an objective and a summary…

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4 Responses to “Current resume style, should a summary of qualifications or a job objective be used to start a update resume?”

  1. Chris Z says:

    The trend is shifting toward a summary of qualification vs the traditional job objective.
    With possibly hundreds of resumes to review, this enables the hiring manager to obtain a quick “snapshot” of your qualifications without having to thoroughly read through the entire resume.
    Look at it like a “Preview of Coming Attractions”.

  2. Beau R says:

    Although my professional resume starts with an “objective”, I have become increasingly aware that the style of resumes is changing. You can try Google, and see what the current style is, or some states have offices set up to help people look for jobs, part of which is preparing a resume. If your state has such an office, ask there for advice.

  3. JohnnyC says:

    Don’t get too tied up on this. If you are updating your resume because you are thinking of changing your career then an objective is useful. However, if you have plenty of work experience, then an objective becomes less important.

    A summary of qualifications is simply 4 or 5 short statements telling the hiring manager why you are suitable for the job. If you have put an objective at the start, then they should link to this, if not they should be based around your experience, expertise in a particular area, achievements etc.

    So you can have both or either an objective or a summary. It really depends on what you are looking to do with your career.

    Hope this helps

  4. alfardie says:

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