RDG Career Tips – How to Deal with a Bad Boss

www.rdgcareers.com Learn how to handle a difficult and toxic situation at work. Some helpful tips on how to deal with a bad boss at your work. Take control and don;t be a victim! Call RDG Careers at 1-877-860-9675
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25 Responses to “RDG Career Tips – How to Deal with a Bad Boss”

  1. EconomyQuality says:

    If your “bad” boss would cross the border line of your patience don’t hesitate to talk it with him, but make sure that it would be on a good way, who knows maybe it just needs someone to inform him that he is already being bad or rude to his co-workers even tough he’s the boss.

  2. ChapterXIIII says:

    Respecting the title, even if you don’t respect the person would be a good reason for us to pursue working even with a presence of a bad boss, let’s not be too personal for what are boss is doing.

  3. MasamuneMiyamota says:

    Your next video should be titled “why not to be a bad boss” sounds funny, but seriously I am aware that there could be a “bad boss” that could somehow watch your video and thus it could change there mind.

  4. nourtroum says:

    It really is hard to deal with a bad boss, specially when your just new to the job and the boss keeps on mocking you everyday. This video is great, they give informative information that are very useful.

  5. Wolfgyang says:

    Very true, sometimes I do wonder why bosses are being rude sometimes, yet they should be the role model, a model that would uplift the spirit of his/her co workers. =)

  6. DugadMoShalosim says:

    “Respect the title, even if you don’t respect the person” wow, this quote from this video really made my day. This videos should be seen by a lot of people for they could learn something new with this simple yet informative videos.

  7. MsTexasHoldem says:

    Quitting would be my last option, I would try to survive and deal with the “bad boss” rather than to lose my job, specially in this time of recession that finding a job would require a lot of time, effort, money and patience.

  8. CalvinDale123 says:

    I really agree that all of us had an experience with a bad boss, but the difference is that on the way we did handle it. This video gives very useful information and tips.

  9. leighdu1 says:

    I’ve never understood why some bosses feel that they have to be so mean. I mean come on, the best company has members that all work together. A boss should respect all his/her employees. At any rate, this is wonderful advice and can help many who haven’t thought of these strategies.

  10. at4101 says:

    Luckily I haven’t ran into the “boss from hell” yet, but from all the horror stories I have heard, I am sure I am bound to one of these days. Thanks so much for the excellent tips. I will keep them all in mind.

  11. intrill says:

    I thought I knew how to deal with my boss until I heard these tips; wow ! This is excellent advice for sure, and many things I’ve never heard of as to how approach certain situations.

  12. JavaCHpFrap says:

    Oh my Gosh!! Bad bosses!! I hope I never become one of those. YUCK! Having you’re workers even talk behind your back. lol. Anyway, as the video states, just be calm about it. Don’t risk your career because of one person. It is so not worth it.

  13. GiRlyR8 says:

    The advice given from this video si great. Their tips are always right on the dot. RDG careers is such a great video presentation! Everyone should spread the word about their youtube thing!

  14. Art10Coff says:

    This video is so authentic with the facts that they present to us viewers! Ugh!! Bad Bosses should just &&&&&*I(*@!!! THye must leave!

  15. 10is4Love says:

    No matter what, BOSSES suck. In my opinion, women bosses are the worse, if you’re a female working under them. They just think they’re better than us….but not all!

  16. 08candycane says:

    Oh my…The list is huge! I thought my boss was bad but sparking competition? That is immoral! Thanks RDG.

  17. lspjacky08 says:

    My father used to have a boss who would do these types of things. I was so mad when I would hear these types of stories. Well, he would rahter come home with a paycheck instead of no paycheck. Mean Bosses are just…ugh!!!

  18. chrisak50 says:

    Great tips. I go through everything listed in the video! The best thing I think you can do is basically deal with it. I like the advice of RESPECTING when the person doesn’t deserve it. And don’t be a rat. That is a biggie. RDG Career = best advice ever.

  19. chrisak49 says:

    My boss is so rude to me. He sparks competition to get better quality and takes credit for everything I did! I got a client who would’ve made me a lot of cash and my boss took him right from me. Thanks for the tips! The respect tip is helpful.

  20. aod2k9 says:

    Very nice video. It helped me deal with my boss who is obsessed with power. Ignoring it is the best thing to do but you can always take it a step further and be nice. If you act the bigger person, you will kill your boss because he/she will be puzzled to death!

  21. TheHuntingjob says:

    Having a boss like this is too tough to handle but you should learn how deal with it because you have no choice. If you can find a way to please your boss then do it but if you are really confident enough to get another job then try it.

  22. luckbasterd says:

    This is a great video. Better than looking for a job again and again why not try to face the evil^^.. This vid helps a lot thank you RDG careers this helps alot

  23. jersydgreat says:

    Having a boss who you can’t tolerate is very difficult but you have to adjust to it because he’s the boss unless you want to quit and can endure how many months with out pay. Times like this it means that either you join or get out.

  24. miloboy3012 says:

    Its not the video which is excellent but the tips there giving. It has helped many people a lot and many more to come. I told this TIPS to my friend and they really appreciate it

  25. jobmating says:

    This video is excellent. I would like to know more about this tips, this would really help me a lot in handling and finding new jobs. I like the last one, this is very common but the least followed by employees. “RESPECT”, even though the person is not worth it at least respect the title.